Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tomorow will rock...

SO, tomorow is going to be a rockin good day. Starting with sleeping in and ending with sex! That is the plan at least. HEE HEE :) No, I am going to have a good day though. I am planning on sleeping in, for starters, then I am going to do a new meal plan because we have company coming this week. Then, I am going to scrapbook and be lazy. Listen to good music, smile lots, and just really enjoy myself. I think that husband will be home fairly early too which would be nice. Here is to hoping!

I am thinking that I need to go to Costco. The boys want beef tenderloin steaks for dinner. Maybe with some grilled asparagus and baby potatoes. We will see what happens!

I seem to be doing really good for a change! I have been incredibly happy lately! I am just enjoying life and trying to keep smiling. I hope that this continues for a long time. I just keep remembering this feeling and try to capture it every day at least once. This is the plan for the next while.

Time to go to bed, but I will write a bigger post one of these days.


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Mel said...

Glad to hear things are going well :) Happy Spring!