Friday, July 29, 2011

Hello? Are you there?

So, the frustration of not losing weight?

Not caring this week.  I have had a lot of stress this week and eating normal food is nice.  I have to admit.  I am looking forward to slowly adding more foods back to my diet.  Right now, I am finding that milk is a trigger food.  If I drink it, I gain weight.  Only milk though.  Not cheese, not anything else dairy.  Figure that out! I am going to test it again next week when I am home again.

So, you wanna see some cute pictures? Here are some of my childhood.  I am in the middle of scanning them all and making them all digital.  Not a fun project and yet so rewarding.

Oh, and next week? I am hopefully finally posting about making cheese.  I get to eat it tomorrow! I can't wait.  I am also taking a cake decorating class.  I will post some pics.


                                                                   My wedding day!

Can you believe it? I looked so bad! I loved my flowers though.  They were so pretty and huge.  I think my bridesmaids bouquets were the size of most brides bouquets.

I need to go to bed now.  I have to be up in 4 hours.

It is good to be back on here though.  Have some posts coming up.  Keep watching!

Monday, July 18, 2011



I am frustrated.


Due to work schedule issues (have to do training and test taste the food) I have to stop my diet end of this week.

I will have to stop till just after Thanksgiving.


I feel like I am finally doing it! I am losing weight!

I was supposed to be completely done by then! Not just picking it up again.

I have to realize though that I cannot NOT do my job for the next three months in order to be skinny.  I can do this again though.  I can maintain that whole time, maybe lose more just being healthy and then start again.

It is hitting me this morning.  I was doing up my schedule for the next three months and realized how long I was going to have to be off this whole thing.

But you know what?

Now I know I can do it.

I have lost 32 lbs.

I still have this week.

I could potentially hit 40 lbs.

It will make life easier for the next three months for sure.

I now have to go buy some new clothes.  Enough to get me through the next time frame.

That is frustrating.

I feel kinda broke right now and want smaller clothes!!!!

It is all good.  I will start again in October and be done by Christmas hopefully.

I guess my goal was my next birthday in April so I will for sure be done by then.  It will probably be healthier for my body as well.

C'es la vie.......

Sunday, July 17, 2011

188 lbs and counting

So, I suck at this blog thing.  Bear with me!

This last month has been hard.  I have no desire to eat.  None.  Whatsoever.

I want yummy food, not diet food.

I did good on my maintenance.  Just like last time, I gained four pounds in the first few days and then plateaued.  Not sure why! I continued to eat the same and didn't gain a pound! Then, when I went to my week of normal eating, pasta and breads and such, I lost 2 pounds of that.  Weird.

I am thinking I will do the whole 6 weeks this time.

I am on the second day of week 2 right now.  That means I will have to do this for another 4 weeks and 5 days.  Do you know how hard that is? I want hot dogs and hamburgers and fresh summer salads! SOOOOOOOOOO not happening.  Husband keeps me motivated.

I am now down 32 lbs.  It feels good.  I still don't believe it though.  It took me so long to get used to being fat.  So long.  I had finally found cute hair and cute clothes and felt really good about myself.  I am now at an awkward stage and have no clothes that fit me.  Seriously.  Maybe 5 things in my whole closet and most of those are baggy.  I also am growing out my hair and it is in a really awkward stage.

Here is a pic of me from a wedding I was at a few weeks ago.  The skirt and shoes are new.  The belt? Helping me now look pregnant in the shirt! And 23 bobby pins holding my hair back to fake an up do!

Wow.  Such issues.  Husband gets mad at me for not being happier with my weight loss.  I think it is because I know that we cannot afford new clothes for me right now and I am so uncomfortable in my current ones.  I have two skirts and one shirt that feel good right now.  Figure that out.

So.  On goes the diet plan.  It is working though.  This is the smallest I have been in 13 years.  Insane, right? It feels good.  It does.  Now to find a good thrift store to find some new clothes at!!!

At this rate, I am doing the strict part of the diet for the next 5 weeks, then I will do maintenance for probably a month and then I will start it all over again.  I am thinking that I will only have to do another 3 weeks though.  Then I am done.  My final goal at this point is somewhere in the 140-150 range.  I have no idea.  I want a more pinup girl look and less of a skin and bones look.  I want a little softness.

I should go though.  I have company and am in charge of making them breakfast! I am making them coconut french toast with whip cream and strawberries and I am having some strawberries and 4 cups of water.  I am doing between 10-12 glasses a day right now.  I am drowning!!!! I hate it, but am doing it.

More later!