Thursday, September 30, 2010


So we did it.  We made God laugh today.

Did you hear? Did you hear?

We made a plan.  Not a like a whole life plan but a business/schedule plan.  I am feeling a little overwhelmed right now and at the same time, I am a little more calm about the fact that things are actually written down now and I can physically see what I need to do.  I am such a list slut.  I tell you.

I am glad that tomorrow is Friday.  It doesn't mean a lot around here, but at the same time, it is nice to know that another week has passed.  I think that this weekend, I am going to go shopping and find some fabric for my quilt.  Or I will wait until the niece comes.

I am doing pretty good these days.  I am struggling right now with not internalizing everything.  I find myself about to have a panic attack and then realize that I am internalizing everything and I just need to breath.  Do you ever do that? I hate it.  I think that I spent so many years doing that that it is not natural to just be anymore.  Something that I am working on.  Maybe need to work a little harder!

I am missing my dog.  How sad is that.  I love my little brat.  She is at the in laws.  We were gone for awhile, were home for a week and then gone for awhile again so we just left her there for the whole time.  They love her and it is a safe place for her so we like it when they have her.  I am excited to get her though.

So, I know that this is silly? But we have actually eaten the leftovers so far and have not had to throw out any food this week.  I know I know.  Ridiculous, right? Not so when you are us.  Silly things make me happy.

I should go.  Husband was up thinking all night last night and I got no sleep.  Time for bed.


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who needs a title anyways.....

REALLY......... who needs it.

  • We are feeling quite a bit better.  I am still coughing but hoping that that stops soon.  We will see.  I saw a full burka today! I have never seen one in a local mall before in Canada.  Maybe I live somewhere silly, but I haven't! The cool part was her coach bag and the fancy cell phone that she was talking on through her headdress.

  • My niece is coming to stay with us.  I can't wait! She is having a tough time and she is going to come and escape life at our house.  I am planning on doing a few cool things.  I keep making rag quilts for my nieces and nephews and now I want one! I think I am going to get her to help me make one for me! How funny would that be! She would probably do a better job than me....we will see.  I think that we will do some of the tacky things like the mall and some shopping but I want to spend a lot of time just visiting with her and just hang out.  Talk about life and things.  I hope she has fun.  I hope that she feels so safe that she wants to talk and will use this as a safe zone for her life.  I think that we are going to start doing this for all the kids every year.  One week a year is just there time.  We will see how this goes!

  • Life is going pretty good.  Husband is pretty discouraged right now.  That is hard.  He was so good at his last job and so confident and now he is feeling very lost and that he doesn't know what he is doing.  It is hard to encourage him.  I can see the changes in him and all that he is learning, but I am learning too!! I know that it is just a matter of time before he is just as good at this as he was at the last job, it is just going to take time.  I hope that he is happier tomorrow! He has a friend coming up for the weekend which will be good for him.

  • I am loving my PVR.  I just thought I would tell you that.  I PVR's all my favorite shows last week and for the eternal future of them and so I can just sit and watch when I want and not just when they are on.  That annoys me.

  • We cleaned the house today.  Man.  I am not a neat freak but also not messy and it was gross in here! I was appalled.  I feel more relaxed when it is clean. You might laugh at this, but I am so much happier when my house feels clean and organized.  Most people think my house is clean even when I am disgusted with it, but for the most part, it is pretty clean.

  • Dinner plans this week........last night we had corn chowder soup and asiago chiabatta bread with it.  We had left overs tonight and tomorrow we are having meat loaf, mashed potatoes and basil/boccoccini/tomato salad.  I am sick and tired of throwing out food.  We will be home for a few days and then we get called away or something comes up and I throw out all my groceries.  No more.  I am now doing two day meal plans.  We are home for six more days and I will shop three times in order to get groceries.  That way, if something comes up, we will not have a full fridge!

I think that those are all the things that needed to be spewed out today! How funny.  I could be the worst blog writer ever!

Time to go play with my new photo editing program! I will post pictures one day soon.

See ya!

Friday, September 24, 2010


This sucks.  Husband and I are both sick.  He has strep throat and I have an incredible cold.  This sucks.

Other than that, we are good! Business is insane.  There are a lot of issues right now and we are both wanting to crawl in a whole but what do you do.  Someone told us the other day that as long as there are issues, we are growing but if things are easy we are not growing.  I don't know about you, but I am kinda sick and tired of growing.

Next week.  That will be all better.

I bought a 50 mm lense for my camera and am planning on playing with it this weekend.  I need to figure out how to shoot in raw.  I think that I will have to do some googling.  Is that a word? Just wondering.

We are hanging out with my brother and his wife this weekend and it will be good! We have a really long drive home next week.  Not looking forward to it.  I have to admit.

I should go..... I think we are going for dinner soon!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Ok ok....I am sick of getting harassed to write.

I BOUGHT A CAMERA!!! I bought a Canon XS.

I love it.  I also bought a 50mm portrait lens.  This was one of those silly things on my bucket list.  I want to take a photography class and see what I can do.

I will post some pics that I have taken once that happens.

So, how is the big ol blog world out there? We are good.  We have not been home at all this summer.  I am hoping now that fall is hitting that we will get a little bit more time at home. I miss my house when I am gone.

This week? We are doing a little switcheroo in our house.  We have an insanely large master bedroom and so we decided that we can live with less space and so, if you can follow this, we turned our master into the office, the office into the spare room and the spare room into the master.  Wow.  That was a mess.  We have about 50% of it done right now.  Our room is set up so that we can sleep tonight, the spare has all the furniture in it that it will have, but we have not moved all the office stuff out, the closet in the master if full of all the bedding and blankets that need to go into the spare room, the office needs a lot of furniture built and pictures hung and things put away, and in the midst of all this? I sewed a quilt for my niece, we are going to a huge food show tomorrow with my cousin and her husband, we are trying to do business, and we are in the middle of 15 loads of laundry.  Supposedly we are insane! I agree! We are making the most amazing and beautiful home office you have ever seen though.  When it is finally done? I will post pictures because it is that cool.

I should go help.  Husband is going to get mad soon if he knows I am on here.  He is building an extension for my desk right now.  I am not allowed to be over there.

Mmmmmmm......I am hungry.  Time to take a break.