Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Doesn't everyone paint trees on their walls?

We have been staring at builders beige for far too long at this point.

Just sayin.

We have been on the hunt for a stencil or a vinyl decal for our dining room/living room wall for months.  Even before we moved! We finally decided it was time to paint our own.  At this point you are wondering what the heck we did.  Us too.

I kid.  We actually love it! We have huge plans for that wall in about a year but for now? We have a tree.  And it rocks! Husband free handed it with painters tape and then we moved it around and changed a few things and ended up loving it.  Adds a cool look to the room without being too crazy.  I am loving our look we are going for in this house.

You could call it "I-stopped-caring-what-other-people-think-and-am-doing-what-we-love".  It is a good look! Feel free to copy it :)

Here is our tree! Forgive the mess in the background.  Was a busy weekend and the house is getting cleaned tomorrow...
The base and the start of the branches

It covers the entire wall! I wish you could see it in real life.  It looks so amazing! And yes.  It goes completely behind the TV as well.  The color is Pewter by Benjamin Moore and the wall (that is actually a little more blue) is Gray by Benjamin Moore.

Have you ever painted weird and random things in your house???

Monday, July 30, 2012

Mason Jar Light

Well hello there world!

What an amazing weekend full of fun and projects.

Husband is a lovely man.  Can I just say that? I have these crazy random ideas and he just goes with them! Even more impressive when they include a lot of his time in comparison to mine :)

Awhile ago, I was on Pinterest and saw these home made lights.  I was not too sure but thought why not!  The one I liked was the bottom row, second one in.


Now who knew that you could not find those silly pot racks anywhere these days! Were they just a thing of the past? Who knows.  But I couldn't.  And I looked everywhere!

So? In true US fashion? Created our own.

Here is our masterpiece!

Before with the boring builders light and all our supplies!

My brand new pretty canning jars!

I bought 4 cooling racks from IKEA that we wired together for the base.

Light kits from my favorite store!

At this point? I had sliced almost all my fingers open screwing these in!

We wired it in a pattern and probably 100 times to make sure it would stay!

Husband drilled holes in the tops to screw the light kits to.  He also drilled about 6 tiny holes for air circulation on the top of each of the jars.

Puppy watching

My box of finger cutters

The start of the installation! And a sneak peak at another project I will post about tomorrow

It is done! After we finished deciding where they would go, Husband wired them all together and into the box on the ceiling.  This was the most time consuming.

Add caption

Can I just say amazing??? We love it.  It is so unique and it gives the most amazing romantic mood lighting ever.  We attached it to a dimmer switch and it rocks! We love it so much.  Makes our house feel kinda unique and a little more us! And what a cheap version of this light! And more modern than some that we saw.

If you want any more pointers on how we did this? Leave a comment!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Master Bedroom Reveal Part #1


So, Jibberblog? This is for you.

I have wanted to paint our bedroom since we first moved in.  I am not a builders beige kind of girl as some of you know and it was driving me nuts! We bought a new bed frame right away, finally found bedding we liked and found some end tables but the walls? Making me sad.  I finally convinced the Husband (in other words, I bought the paint and started painting on my own) that we needed some color in there.  I wanted something fairly neutral but with some depth.  I wanted something cozy for at night.  I decided? On Gray.  Benjamin Moore Steel Wool was the exact color.

Here are some before and after shots!

With old bedding we had.  So bland.  The thing in the window? An air conditioner.

So boring


Sample colors

It is started! I added some stripes of Oceanic Teal that we will probably paint over.  Husband hates them and I am indifferent.  I don't mind them but they are not amazing.

When your room looks like this at 7 pm at night? You know you are in for a long night!

I taped everything so that it would move faster.  I am in love with Frog Tape! It is brilliant and I can't say enough good things about it!

Starting to look good!

Oh the mess

Finished product.  We have to do the blue walls yet.  Either paint over them or edge them properly.  We are still deciding.

The whole look! Frame, bedding, paint.  I love it!!! I am wanting to add pops of dark yellow for the accent.  I think it will look amazing.

Don't you love it at night? So soothing and romantic :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Yee haw!!!


I started painting my bedroom today.

Color one? Done.

Color two? About to be started.

Will post pictures soon!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Random July Happiness and Photos

More Muttart! Are these not the most amazing orchids ever??

Or these ones?

Old faithful.  These are still one of my favorites

Can you see his annoyance that I am taking pictures again?

Husband? I love that this picture makes you look bald even though you aren't.


Canada Day at the Legislature buildings.  Coolest fountain!

More people

All the fountains are open for swimming in this city.  Kinda funny!

Alberta Government buildings

This year was the 100 year anniversary

So funny.  These guys got caught walking with open beer so the cops made them dump it out. Then made them dump out the other 22 beers that were in their backpack! They were so mad and kept spilling it on themselves.  We watched and laughed.

Our group watching and laughing!

Husband came home from work late last night finally! I am so glad that we are enjoying our weekends together these days! Only problem? He wants to sleep and do nothing all weekend and I want to go out and do stuff as I have typically spent most of my week in the house and working.  I think I might bail on him and go out on my own today!

I am thinking of hitting up Taste of Edmonton and then Capital X.

Hopefully I will take a few pictures!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lake Louise....so amazing

The Canadian Rockies.

Lake Louise.

The Chateau.


Where Husband takes me for a night to cheer me up.

View from our room :)

4 km walk around one side of the lake.

Isn't it amazing?

Crazy minerals make it the most amazing color.

Self portrait fail?

Amazing flowers everywhere.

Amazing steak bites appetizer.

They were so incredibly tender.

Best nachos I have ever had.

Three layers thick.

In a cast iron skillet.


Front of hotel.

Funny story.

As we were walking around the outside,

this pair of underwear came flying out of nowhere.

Hit Husband on the back of his head.

I giggled.