Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I am moving!!

Not in real life.

Just my blog.

I gave up before I got a response and I will now be at

See you there!


My blog is telling me I have to pay to add more pictures.  Are they serious? Is this the truth? Do I need to start a new blog in order to continue? I will if I have to.


Anyone have any answers?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Home and functioning

Can I just say how sexy we are? 


Love this picture.

I am back from my conference.  And wow.  I do not have the words to describe how amazing it was.  I went to the Hoffman Process.  It was an 8 day residential program that looks at the first 2 years of childhood.  Huh.  What the heck is that you might ask? Well? It is looking at the negative patterns that your parents had that you have taken on and how to deal with that.  How to let them go, deal with them, and the tools to keep going from there.  And let me tell you! The tools I took home with me? Have saved my bacon more than once this week.

What an eye opener.  I came home laughing and talking to Husband about what I had all done there.  Some of the patterns that I dealt with.  He was shocked and amazed to say the least! I feel good though.  I love that I feel like I finally have some peace and joy in me that has been lacking for a long time.  I also have a confidence that I have always faked but has never been there.

So yeah! I am good.  Actually? I am doing pretty freakin great.  I wish all of you and more could go.

Then? I had to come home.  And that? Maybe not so fun :)

Big Red is struggling.  If you are praying folk, can you pray for him? He is not doing well.  He is getting increasingly aggressive, he is breaking every rule, he is constantly sabotaging himself and our family and it is not OK.  The tension in this house right now is at an all time high and is making me want to scream!!! I am hanging onto my hope though and breathing my way through it.  Husband said that this is the test of if I am actually doing a lot better.  As of last night? He is glad I spent the money to go. So yeah.  Life at home is a little insane these days.

I am sitting in my office though enjoying a coffee, burning a candle and just breathing.  Big Red is grounded to his room for the day.  He is allowed up to pee and eat and that is all.  He had a go around with Husband this morning before I even got up which was awesome.  Not.  I woke up to a stomach ache!

On a good note? I am ready for Christmas for the most part.  And I am doing some office organization today which will make me happy and give me a place to focus on me.  And it is snowing.  I love snow.

Holy randomness at its best.  I am signing out now.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Snow and life

A quick update on life lately:

  • figured out this morning that I am a mom.  Not biologically, but figuratively speaking.  Not sure why this only hit me today.  As we go into week 10.
  • just spent 5 lovely days in Las Vegas with Husband.  He was working the entire time and so I feel like I didn't really see him at all but it was a nice warm break from life here in the zoo
  • it is snowing today.  The first real snow we have had this year.
  • I am leaving tomorrow for a conference for the next 9 days.  I will be cut off from the world.  No cell phone, no tv, no computer.  I am scared.
  • Big Red's parents were here with him while we were gone and they left this morning.  Needless to say? Big Red is anxious as hell today.
  • I am tired.
  • I am almost done my Christmas shopping.  I have 2 gifts left to buy and can't get those until I get told the list of items wanted by each person (family gift exchange)
  • I am starting my Christmas planning next week.  "Hello.  My name is Dawn and I have a problem" I am thinking the OCD in me is going to make this Christmas either amazing or funny as hell at how organized it is.
  • My gray hair is almost funny now.  People are looking at it more often than normal and I am kind of liking it.  The hair.  Not the looking people.
  • I bought a few new things on our trip including:
My first pair of boots.  Ever.  Love them!

This adorable shirt.  Seriously love it.

  • Have I mentioned that I am tired?
  • I started a little bit of Christmas decorating last night to irritate the men in my house.  I could put up my tree today if it was my choice.

Monday, November 5, 2012

COLOR!!!!!! leads to concentration

or so I have been told.

My nephew (Big Red) has been with us for almost 9 weeks now.  Things are definitely getting easier and yet school work? Hard to get done! And to make things worse? I avoided his school room because it was so ugly.  Can we just say? BEIGE IS NASTY!!!! We had the poor kid in a beige box all day.  The desk was beige, the walls were beige and oh the carpet.  UGLY.  The only word do describe that room.  Oh my ode to being happier, I decided one night? It had to change. And so down to the basement I ventured to see what kind of paint I could find.

I found two lovely shades of gray! The kid loves it.  He claims it is so much easier doing school work in there and that he can concentrate way better.  I personally? Love it.  Could be my new favorite room in the house.  And I do love the orange bedding that we put on the bed.  So fun!

This is the lighter gray.

The darker gray

The closet which we also added a pantry pack to and it is incredibly organized now too! It is stuffed with Christmas presents right now which is why I will not photograph it for you.  Soon!

We might have also finally painted the last wall in the family room! Husband loved the orange so much we continued it around.

This shows the true color.

Loving this room.  The paint is a mood paint so it changes drastically with the light as you can tell in this picture.  Want to paint more!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pitter Patter

I am odd.

Can we just say that? 

One of the things that I have realized about myself is that I need certain things in my life to be certain ways.  Most people are like this I think.  Or hope! My areas in my head are
  • marriage
  • house
  • work
  • family
At all times, I cannot have more than two of these not feeling perfectly amazing to me.  When I find myself with more than two needing work, I stress out.  So, I do what I can to control certain things.  One of these? Organized house.  Ever since we moved into this house I have hated the master closet.  It is a fairly big room (around 5 ft by 8 ft) and has a large window which make it bright but had horrible storage.  It was starting to drive me crazy and so this last weekend, I convinced Husband to help me fix it. 

Here it was when we started.

One shelf along the back and a dresser we added

One shelf along the side

So, first things first? I took everything out.  Crap.  We have a lot of stuff!
And yes.  I fully make my bed every day.

We started by removing the existing shelves.  And when I say WE I mean Husband.  Can I just say that he is amazing? He is the best husband ever.  He hung 5 shelves on the far wall.  We bought a Rubbermaid Pantry Pack and used that.

Then he raised the other shelf and added another one underneath it.

I love the window!

Can we just say HOLY CRAP THAT IS A LOT OF STORAGE??????? We now both have a long wall area to hang clothes and then end shelves for additional.

I love how organized it is!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A break and a breather

No, I am not stopping my blog.  I am actually trying to write on here more!

The title is regarding the fact that at 6 am tomorrow, Husband and I will be on a plane to destinations far away.  Ok, just the states, but far enough! Husband has a work trip there and so I am going along.  Big Red is staying here and his parents are coming to take care of him.  That whole statement sounds funny, but in reality? That is what is happening.

I can't wait.

Can I state that loud enough?

I seriously? Can't wait.

We get 5 days to ourselves.

No kids.

No chores.

No cooking.

No laundry.

No snow.

No rules.

No teaching school.

No shuttling to practices and activities.


Just us.

I am smiling right now.

Can you tell?

What I have done? I have pre written a few posts about some organizing we have done around here lately.