Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Home and functioning

Can I just say how sexy we are? 


Love this picture.

I am back from my conference.  And wow.  I do not have the words to describe how amazing it was.  I went to the Hoffman Process.  It was an 8 day residential program that looks at the first 2 years of childhood.  Huh.  What the heck is that you might ask? Well? It is looking at the negative patterns that your parents had that you have taken on and how to deal with that.  How to let them go, deal with them, and the tools to keep going from there.  And let me tell you! The tools I took home with me? Have saved my bacon more than once this week.

What an eye opener.  I came home laughing and talking to Husband about what I had all done there.  Some of the patterns that I dealt with.  He was shocked and amazed to say the least! I feel good though.  I love that I feel like I finally have some peace and joy in me that has been lacking for a long time.  I also have a confidence that I have always faked but has never been there.

So yeah! I am good.  Actually? I am doing pretty freakin great.  I wish all of you and more could go.

Then? I had to come home.  And that? Maybe not so fun :)

Big Red is struggling.  If you are praying folk, can you pray for him? He is not doing well.  He is getting increasingly aggressive, he is breaking every rule, he is constantly sabotaging himself and our family and it is not OK.  The tension in this house right now is at an all time high and is making me want to scream!!! I am hanging onto my hope though and breathing my way through it.  Husband said that this is the test of if I am actually doing a lot better.  As of last night? He is glad I spent the money to go. So yeah.  Life at home is a little insane these days.

I am sitting in my office though enjoying a coffee, burning a candle and just breathing.  Big Red is grounded to his room for the day.  He is allowed up to pee and eat and that is all.  He had a go around with Husband this morning before I even got up which was awesome.  Not.  I woke up to a stomach ache!

On a good note? I am ready for Christmas for the most part.  And I am doing some office organization today which will make me happy and give me a place to focus on me.  And it is snowing.  I love snow.

Holy randomness at its best.  I am signing out now.


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Love the photo!! Glad to see you smilin'