Monday, November 5, 2012

COLOR!!!!!! leads to concentration

or so I have been told.

My nephew (Big Red) has been with us for almost 9 weeks now.  Things are definitely getting easier and yet school work? Hard to get done! And to make things worse? I avoided his school room because it was so ugly.  Can we just say? BEIGE IS NASTY!!!! We had the poor kid in a beige box all day.  The desk was beige, the walls were beige and oh the carpet.  UGLY.  The only word do describe that room.  Oh my ode to being happier, I decided one night? It had to change. And so down to the basement I ventured to see what kind of paint I could find.

I found two lovely shades of gray! The kid loves it.  He claims it is so much easier doing school work in there and that he can concentrate way better.  I personally? Love it.  Could be my new favorite room in the house.  And I do love the orange bedding that we put on the bed.  So fun!

This is the lighter gray.

The darker gray

The closet which we also added a pantry pack to and it is incredibly organized now too! It is stuffed with Christmas presents right now which is why I will not photograph it for you.  Soon!

We might have also finally painted the last wall in the family room! Husband loved the orange so much we continued it around.

This shows the true color.

Loving this room.  The paint is a mood paint so it changes drastically with the light as you can tell in this picture.  Want to paint more!

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Melissa A. said...

LOVE both rooms! What is the name of the orange paint? We're talking about redoing the main bathroom over the winter and I think that orange would be perfect in there! I also need to see that pantry pack?