Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A break and a breather

No, I am not stopping my blog.  I am actually trying to write on here more!

The title is regarding the fact that at 6 am tomorrow, Husband and I will be on a plane to destinations far away.  Ok, just the states, but far enough! Husband has a work trip there and so I am going along.  Big Red is staying here and his parents are coming to take care of him.  That whole statement sounds funny, but in reality? That is what is happening.

I can't wait.

Can I state that loud enough?

I seriously? Can't wait.

We get 5 days to ourselves.

No kids.

No chores.

No cooking.

No laundry.

No snow.

No rules.

No teaching school.

No shuttling to practices and activities.


Just us.

I am smiling right now.

Can you tell?

What I have done? I have pre written a few posts about some organizing we have done around here lately.



Melissa A. said...

Awesome! Remember - what happens in Vegas....! Have a great time and I expect a full report when you get back!

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