Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tomorow will rock...

SO, tomorow is going to be a rockin good day. Starting with sleeping in and ending with sex! That is the plan at least. HEE HEE :) No, I am going to have a good day though. I am planning on sleeping in, for starters, then I am going to do a new meal plan because we have company coming this week. Then, I am going to scrapbook and be lazy. Listen to good music, smile lots, and just really enjoy myself. I think that husband will be home fairly early too which would be nice. Here is to hoping!

I am thinking that I need to go to Costco. The boys want beef tenderloin steaks for dinner. Maybe with some grilled asparagus and baby potatoes. We will see what happens!

I seem to be doing really good for a change! I have been incredibly happy lately! I am just enjoying life and trying to keep smiling. I hope that this continues for a long time. I just keep remembering this feeling and try to capture it every day at least once. This is the plan for the next while.

Time to go to bed, but I will write a bigger post one of these days.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sunshine and smiles....

I am so happy today! I got a call yesterday from the franchise owner for my restaurant and he just wanted to tell me that I am doing a really good job and that sales are good and congrats! What a way to start the day. I then got a call from the store and found out that we aced our health inspection. Hard to do when they come in in the middle of lunch rush, but we did it! We got a 97%!!!! Amazing. I am in the greatest mood. I then booked tickets today to send my grandparents to Halifax, paid some bills and am now finally writing a post.

I think that this is is going to be a good year. No, I KNOW that this is going to be a good year.

We just came back from a visit to Terrace. I have gone there over the years by myself, but this time, husband came with me. It rocked. We stayed with some amazing friends. I have not felt that loved and accepted and wanted for a long time. They want us to come for Christmas this year. I think that we might! I know that this is a family time, but it is the "In-law" christmas in our family so it would only be the two of us anyways. I am not sure what Dad will do. I think that we might go. Chad's family talks about doing Christmas together every year, but it has been 13 years and they blow us off everytime, so maybe we shouldn't care? Go anyways? To Terrace that is.

So, I have a meal plan done for this week.

Wednesday-baked chicken thighs, garlic mashed potatoes, corn
Thursday-Chorizo, egg and hashbrown skillet with tomatoes and cheese
Friday-Roasted Chicken, rice, veggie of some sort
Saturday-Soup made with leftovers of all the weeks yummies
Sunday-Hummus Saute Pasta (a cool recipe I found)

I love doing meal plans. That way I actually cook! I just have a hard time staying on my grocery budget for the week. I need a lot more than I am supposed to have :) No, I should rephrase that, I WANT a lot more than.......

Today, I am going to do a lot of laundry, about 7 loads! I am going to clean the kitchen, I am going to do all my bookkeeping for the last two weeks for the restaurant, and I am going to clean out my ME room and start scrapbooking our trip to Spain. I need to start on that. I actually want to start on that now. I have had no desire to do anything since mom died. So here we go. I am also going to play piano for a bit. I am trying to teach myself to play by ear. Not so easy I am finding out. I should go. I will start writing here on a regular basis again now. I am home for awhile, so it should be a little easier.