Sunday, August 8, 2010


Family reunion #2 bites the dust!

It was a wonderful weekend.  I love it! I have some of the wierdest relatives and it is awesome! They are amazing and love each other so much.  There was drama, there was love, there were games and good mennonite food and it was amazing!

We are so tired! I think that I type that too often.  We have been gone for 11 days and are more than ready to be home.  Before that? We were gone for 12 days and home for three.  Yup.  Insane! We are home this time for a few days longer and then we will fly away again! I love life some days.

So, the Husband is healthy right now.  I am so glad.  You have no idea.  I am excited for this week! I am so pumped.  We are planning a vacation right now which is awesome.  I love vacations.  Love them.

Things are going pretty good.  I am feeling good these days and I think that things with the business at this point are ok.  I am a little overwhelmed feeling still some days and that is tough, but I am feeling a little better this week!

I can't wait to sleep in my own bed tonight! CAN'T WAIT!!!

So, I am completely rambling at this point.  Do you think that I am tired at this point by any chance?????

Time for bed.....

Night y'all!

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