Sunday, August 28, 2011


Do you ever feel like the world is out to get you?

And it is winning?

That is how I am feeling right now.

This last week:

  • had issues with roommates to realize that we should not be working together or living together.  I now want them out now.  And they are still here.  Causing me a hell of a lot of stress.
  • had to evict my tenants.
  • the wife was fine.  Husband? Decided to threaten me and berate me to the point of the RCMP being involved.
  • have had a non stop headache for weeks.
  • stress level is going to kill me!
  • found out that the company we bought is even a bigger mess than ever.  Doesn't seem to ever get better.  Need it to.
  • Husbands job is ending soon due to it being seasonal.  He does not have a new one yet.

And the list goes on.  WTH!!!!!!! I am praying that things get better.  I am trying to trust God.  I am trying to not fall into depression.  It is hard.  Husband will probably end up working out of town.  He is worried about me.  I am working on setting up a system for myself to keep myself doing good.  I am trying to put things in place to keep me healthy.  I have to get through the next six weeks of insanity and then things should get a little earlier.  I am training at stores for the next six weeks.  I am gone almost non stop this whole time.  I think I am home for a few days in the entire time! It will be nuts.  

But, on a happy note? I booked tickets to go see my new nephew today.  It used all my air miles, but only cost me $80.  I am excited to see him.  He is 6 weeks old.  Maybe 7.

I should go.  I am going to go have a bubble bath, read a good book and start my day tomorrow with a smile on my face.  Please pray for me.  I need to get through this year.  

Do you ever wonder why we cause ourselves all this stress? Is it worth maybe giving everything up? Just walk away from it? I feel like God wants me to be here.  I feel this strongly.  So why is it so hard.......

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