Monday, January 26, 2009


Treasure Cay, Abaco Island in the Bahamas. This is where I want to be. Where I can sip Pina Coladas, get an amazing tan, and have no worries.

I decided to write a post of the positives. If I ever get the nerve to let anyone read this, there will have to be a few positives for the negatives.

1. My husband. Amazing. The coolest person I have ever met. Not sure how I got him, but he is here for good, supposedly :) , and loves me to no end. The greatest feeling ever.

2. My house. We bought an older house and have proceeded in redoing most of it. I love it. It is mine and comfortable and needs more love and work, but that will come.

3. Travelling. In the last three years I have gone to Disneyland, the Bahamas, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Spain, Disneyworld, the Bahamas on a cruise, the Bahamas again just because, Banff, to visit family and friends in many locations around Canada, to Terrace, and will not stop any time soon I hope.

4. Food. I love to cook. I love to try wierd and new recipes. I love to put on a feast for people and have them in awe of what I have created. One of my downfalls? Not sure. Love it though. Could not handle just eating plain boring food forever. Not fun.

5. My job. I could possibly have the most amazing boss ever. I work for a road building/heavy duty equipment company. I am the office manager and a National Construction Safety Officer. I am on salary and work when I want. If there is something to do, I do it. If not, I sleep in and stay at home and putter with my business and a lot of other things.

Those are some main ones. I really shouldn't complain, should I...... So, why is it that life is still so hard? Why did I get the sick husband, and the screwed up family and all the other crap?

That is ok.

I will survive.........

I will dream of the beach......the ocean......the palm trees......and the amazing tan.....that will get me through everything.

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