Sunday, May 10, 2009

Death and Taxes....

So, got some bad news yesterday. The grandma has a blood clot. I am not sure how to feel at this point. Do I even care? I know that this sounds harsh, but I have not been a part of her life for the past 15 years and there has only been hurt during that time. I know that she is suffering and that she will probably die soon. She is in her 80's. Is it sad that I feel the same sadness as if I read it in a magazine about a perfect stranger? Is it sad that I am not sure I care? I will probably have do deal with both deaths of her and the grandpa in the next 6 months. I am not sure I will care. I am a bitch!!!! I amaze even myself! Oh well. I talked to Dad about it tonight and he feels the same. They are his parents. Wow. Such a happy post.

Time for tea and toast! (Wow...that sounded british!)

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