Friday, July 10, 2009

Not so good at this....

I am realizing
that I am not so
good at this
whole blogging thing.

I suck at it!

Oh well, what do you do.

So, question for anyone out there that might actually read this thing.
What do you think about renewing vows?
Having a second wedding?
How often?
How fancy?
Waste of time?
You see, husband and I are coming up on our ten year anniversary.
I think that it is romantic and sweet and even if it is only us, to do something.
I think that ten years of marriage nowadays, deserves some celebration.
Something at least.
Not just another day and work and saying goodnight at the end of the day. Something.
Husband thinks that he has said his vows once and meant them and so what is my problem?
What do you think?

I went to see Transformers tonight.
Very good movie.
Ok, really, anything with Josh Duhamel is amazing.
He could just stand there and smile once in a while and I would be happy.
Love him!

I should go to bed, getting tired.

Oh yeah!

Dinner went very good.

Missed husband like crazy and it turned into 5 weeks, but all is good now!

Feeling good about life this week. Think that this funk is over soon. Makes me very happy.....

Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite!


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