Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Post 100

Sounds fancy, eh? I have actually posted one hundred times~

I am tired today.  A lot is going on in my life right now that I cannot share.  It is confidential.  I actually have signed legal documents saying that.  Don't bother asking.  I can't say.  I know, I know.  I am evil.  Even my family doesn't know! Sorry Jill.  You will find out when everyone else does.

It is huge though.  It is driving me nuts to not have anything concrete though and that I can't get excited and talk to people about it. 

Wow, I have now made you all curious haven't I? Sorry.  The time will come.

Oh a happy note? I booked our hotel for Hawaii this Christmas! I am so excited.  Husband and I and my father and my brother and his wife are going.  I think we are doing Maui for 8 days and then Waikiki for another week or so.  I am trying to find cool things to do and I hope that the weather is nice.  It will be wierd not having snow on Christmas, but I guess palm trees will do!

I booked us an amazing resort.  Really good price on it.  Have you ever used www.kayak.com? It is a web site that compares all other travel web sites.  By using it a lot lately, I have noticed that the cheapest site out there is www.booking.com.  It is fabulous! I was looking at hotels all over the world and the prices are as little as 25% of some of the others like Expedia and Travelocity and such.  They also don't actually charge your card and there are no cancellation issues.  We can cancel up three days prior to leaving! I am now looking for flights.  If anyone hears of any seat sales, let me know! I hope that it is a good trip.  I have never travelled with the adult brother and it could be interesting!

Husband and I went to Hawaii a few years ago only to be called back to see dad in the hospital.  They thought he was dying (which he should have...yeah GOD!) and so we rushed back.  I am excited to go with him this time so that I don't have to worry.  We are actually even staying at the same place! How funny is that!

I should go.  I am exhausted.  I got about 3 hours of sleep last night.  Maybe 4? I don't know.  It was in small chunks.

I will leave you with a funny though

" I don't skinny dip, I chunky dunk!"

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