Thursday, November 4, 2010


I leave tomorrow.

To get more help.

To go to a leadership conference.

I am nervous.  Enought that my tummy hurts! I have to go to ____  by myself (don't really want lurkers knowing where I am going).  I hate travelling by myself.  I really do.  I am a geek.  I know.  I think I am ready to go though.  I am ready.  I am looking forward to the actualy leadership end of it this time.  I didn't pay any attention to that last time.  Kinda voided it out.  I could use it now.  I am curious to see what this next week leads to.  I am realizing a lot about myself in the last few weeks and am looking forward learning more.  I think everything is packed.  What do you bring? The weather is anywhere between 12 and 32 degrees.  Kinda a big difference.  Oh well. 

I am excited to shop at Torrid!!! Have you heard of it? It is beautiful designer clothes for fat and chubby chicks! It is awesome.  Casual, dressy, lingerie, you name it! And the prices are awesome.  I love it.  I first went to one in Las Vegas and fell in love and am quite excited to go again.  I am looking for some dressy clothes for work.  Time to class this girl up a little.  Not for at home! I love to be casual and cute, but need to look a little older and more professional.  Especially considering that I have a faux hawk some days and a nose ring.  Supposedly that is not all that socially acceptable these days! I look cute though!

So, what do you do in Hawaii? I am going on a family trip and going to Maui and to Waikiki.  What is good to do there? Any ideas? Stores? Restaurants? Tours? I need help.  I am not excited at this point and need to be that way.

Help! Oh, and pray for me please.  I have a huge 10 days ahead of me and could use the support.

Thanks :)

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Lollie said...

Will be praying for you!
Got some ideas for when you're in Honolulu! Well on Waikiki strip there's a resturant called Cheeseburger In Paradise!! It's awesome!!
Oh and Buzz's Steak House in Kailua!
You must shop at the Honolulu Market, at the Honolulu Stadium every Sat and Wed.