Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am back.  Yes, I am.  All of me. 

I am still in the middle of trying to process everything that happened last week.  I am exhausted.  I am so tired! Yesterday, Husband and I were working in the office and I actually fell asleep at my desk! How crazy is that! I laid my head down and just snoozed.  Husband came in and just laughed at me! Too funny.  I finally woke up and went to our bedroom.  I asked him to wake me in half an hour and proceeded to sleep for 2 hours! It was no nice.  He is good to me some days.

So, is anyone else out there fat? I know I know....bad question.  The reason I am asking is that I have had such a hard time as a "chubby" girl finding cute clothes.  Of course there are the mom jeans and the massive t shirts that are oh so sexy....I have to admit.  But, there is something else out there! TORRID.  Amazing store.  I have to tell you.  I have bought lingerie, dresses (two things I have never owned) and the cutest business clothes and casual clothes ever! I love it! They do not have these stores in Canada, but if you ever get to the states or shop online? I recommend them.  And the best part? They do their own sizing and I am a size two.  How good does that feel! I have never been a size two! Just wanted to put this out there for you guys.  Time for us soft girls to feel cute too!

So, I am going back to this conference again next year.  I might just do it every year! I wonder if you get a discount for how many times you go.  Like a buy 5 get one free or something??? Maybe I will ask.  You just never know.  I just love John Townsend and Henry Cloud.  Amazing men.  Amazing. 

I can't believe it is winter! I am actually not minding.  It is a really good excuse to make hot chocolate and steamed milk and have naps.  Funny thing! I need to be working.  A lot.  We have so much to do.  We are supposed to be leaving in a month for a family vacation.  Sounds good, right? I DON'T WANT TO GO!!!! I should change that.  I am getting a little more excited.  I am sure that I will get even more excited as things get closer.  I think that right now, I just can't imagine leaving my house again.  I just want to be home.  In my house.  I am just so tired right now! I just want to curl in a ball and have a nap.  Have you ever been that exhausted??? I am.

I should go.   I have made a new friend.  Sounds silly but is very exciting! We are going for dinner.  I can't wait!

I will write more soon.  I am planning a huge post on what I actually learned at this conference.  Soon.  I just need to process a little more.


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Lollie said...

I'm so glad that you had a productive time:) Hawaii is the best place to relax. Even just breathing the air makes all the stress fly away! And everyone is Aloha and 'shaka'! 'No worries bra' (not sure if I typed that right, I heard that we don't say 'bro' we say 'bra') LOL!
Love you!