Thursday, December 10, 2009

Not sure.

I am not sure what to think.

Good news? I got a phone call this morning and got to go in for my ultrasound today. I had to drink four and a half litres of fluids in two hours. It sucked. I almost peed my pants and it hurt really bad. Man, I can't imagine doing that one again soon.

Thank you God for the break. I needed something to happen. Life is just full of no answers right now.

It was weird though. The ultrasound technician kept asking me really weird questions and when I asked him why, he avoided my glaze like you would not believe. He then asked if he could take extra pictures for the doctor. He took pics of my kidneys and all kinds of things. It was weird.

Should I be concerned?

He then told me to make sure I phoned my doctor on Monday morning.


Nothing is easy.

But, I am doing OK. I am kinda prepared for the worst and not sure what to expect. I know that I am thinking really negative, but if you knew my luck with these sorts of things? You would understand. Sad enough, even Chad asked what the worst that could happen was. Sad. I know.

Hmmmmmm........ wonder what will happen on Monday.


Lollie said...

No use worrying about something you can't control. Pray and leave it in the Hands that Can;)
I'll pray for you too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn,
I relate to parts of your life, in a strange way....sad, hoarding- with husband throwing things out (thank God!). After moving elderly parents I see the necessity. Nice to see a pic of your mom, what was she graduating from at that time? I'm sorry for your loss, but so proud of you for dealing with the related "stuff".
Keep the faith in God and keep connected with other good people (people are hard!). I'm talking to myself now...Christine-team green