Sunday, January 17, 2010

  • Made lasagne last night for dinner.  I make amazing lasagne.  Husband told me that he is becoming a lasagne snob.
  • Played the board game "Pandemic" too many times this weekend.  Hopefully get to play it again tonight ;)
  • Finally went through all the bedding/pillows/sheets in our house.  Threw a lot of it out.  Kept some, bleached some and spent some time organizing it all.
  • Spent an amazing afternoon with Husband  ;)
  • Am watching Glee and enjoying it.  It is so corny but hilarious and I love all the music.
  • Have to work all week.  Shorter shifts than last week though and that is nice as I have a lot of bookkeeping and other stuff to do.
  • Feeling okay today.  I am still a little rusty after being sick for so long.  I am just not completely back yet.
  • Husband is obsessed with his helicopters and planes right now.  He is in the shop as we speak building his second one.  His first one is amazing.  I will post a picture one day.
  • Found a blog counter.  It is cool now to see if people are actually reading this thing.
  • Spend a wonderful weekend with the Husband. 
  • Wanting to see some movies in the theater.  I think that I might go a few nights this week.  We will see!
I think that those are enough random things for today.  Sorry for not posting more often! I will soon now that my life is slowing down!

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Heather said...

I love, love, love Glee. It's so silly, but hey, it makes me happy!