Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I am sitting at my desk, well actually Husbands desk, in my office and staring across the way.

I am staring at my mother-in-law that has taken a day out of her life to come and help me with some bookkeeping.

This is huge.

I am not sure you know HOW huge.

Up until the last six months, we tolerated each other.

I have been setting a lot of boundaries in my life and at the same time am trying to renew and refresh a lot of old ones.  I am sick and tired of the tension and the chaos that our relationship was.  So, in honour of my new attitude, I dropped my pride this last week and asked for help.  Much to my surprise, she was honoured! She was so excited to come and help me and we are having a lovely day in my office.  I am working (and blogging) on Husbands computer and she is doing bookkeeping on mine!

This is big people.

Bigger than you will ever know.


and good.


Heather said...

I'm very glad to hear it! It's nice to have relationships that are growing and changing in a positive direction, when there are so many that can be sad and destructive.

Lollie said...

I think I can safely say Wow! and Yay! That is so awesome I'm so happy for you. This is really Huge!~ :)

Anonymous said...

this brought tears to my eyes, knowing how big a deal this is. I feel in my heart, this new path your life has taken, is a glorious one!! Love you

friend from Terrace