Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Best Friends

Do you have a best friend?

Do you have someone you could tell anything to?

Do you have someone that would be there for you right now if you needed them?

Do you have someone that you could talk to twice a year and feel like you saw them everyday  because it is still that comfortable?

Do you have that person that you need to tell good things to?

I do.  I realized yesterday that I do.  I have a couple actually but one in particular.  We met when we were 9 and have gone steady ever since.  We had our 20 year anniversary last year and joked that we should have a party! We went for breakfast instead.  We have travelled together, and gone to school together, we used to sneak out of the house together.  Newsies and Encino Man were our favourite childhood movies.  We have laughed and cried.  Danced and cheered.  When I hurt? She is the one I want to call.  I know that she will love me and pray for me and be a voice of reason in my insane world.   She is the person that knows me.  She knows my hurts.  She knows my fears.  When I say something? She challenges me and knows what I am thinking.  She asks the questions that I almost want her to ask but that I am not sure I want to answer.  She loves me and accepts me.  She know my past.  She has seen my failures.  She has seen my successes.  She prays for me like a momma bear and knows what to pray.  She sings with me.  She allows me to be me.  She understands me.  I praise the Lord on a regular basis for her and wish that we lived a lot closer to each other.

She doesn't read this blog I don't think.  But she knows who she is.  I love you MD and hope that we remain friends for the rest of our lives.  Thank you for being you.

Friday, June 25, 2010


I, XXXXX  XXXXX (did you seriously think I would leave my real name?!?!?!?), do declare that Saturdays are to be filled with farmers market from here on out.  I also do declare, that nap times need to happen at least three days a week.  Naps are to be no less than 3 hours and are to involve a really comfy couch.



So, yeah.  I had a nap today.  We had a breakfast meeting first thing this morning (7am) then a lawyer meeting downtown, then a marketing meeting for lunch.  By the time we got home, we were done! We started to work in the office and then Husband ended up going to lay down.  I sat on the couch trying to figure out what all needed to get done, and fell asleep! Oh did I ever.  On the most amazing couch evar!!! Oh my goodness.  I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired.  It was insane.  I crashed for about 4 hours.  What a waste of time! Right? But no.  It was so needed.  Decreased my stress a lot and helped me feel better. 

The plans for the weekend? Sleep in tomorrow, hopefully, go to farmers market and find some fresh food for the week, week the flower beds, finish my year end for company #1, try a new church, and go to a lot of show homes.  We love doing that.  Insane ones, condos, mansions, small houses, all kinds of things!

I need this weekend.  Really bad.  I am rather looking forward to it!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Do you have any ways of decreasing stress? Please let me know.

My stress level is through the roof right now and I am not sure how to deal with it.

It is stressing me out!!! How funny is that!



Big big decisions to make in the next two days.

Some background.

We bought a new business.  I am not going to say what for the big world of the internet, but it has the potential to be amazing.  We have  a passion for it and it is/could be amazing.  We had an offer today.  There is a business consultant that could take this business from what it is to huge and crazy with little effort.  Well, there is a TON, and I mean TON, of work to do to get it there, but he would save Husband and I from making a whole heck of a lot of mistakes in the meantime.  We are also at a point where we feel like we are trying to eat a herd of elephants  but are not sure how the heck to do it!

Does that make any sense?

He wants to take this on as a challenge and work with us and see what happens.  He has done this many times before and all the businesses that he has worked for are doing amazing.


  • Money.  He is not cheap and so we have to figure out how to harvest and sell organs to pay for him.
  • He would want some sort of shares in the company down the road for all his work 
  • I don't like to share.  I wanted it to just be me and Husband and this feels like a cop-out to me
Long term? This in an incredible opportunity.  There is no way, well maybe, that we could do everything that this guy could in the time frame he is talking about.  He is a fount of knowledge that we could use right now.  

So, do I give up some control and possibly a portion of my business in order to make it a success 100x faster? Or do I keep my pride and stubbornness and tell him to take  hike.  As husband puts it, "80% of a big number is a whole lot better than 100% of a small one!"

By the way, he was referred to us by another business in the city that has used him and he probably quadrupled their business in a year.

Damn......I might have my answer.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I am sitting at my desk, well actually Husbands desk, in my office and staring across the way.

I am staring at my mother-in-law that has taken a day out of her life to come and help me with some bookkeeping.

This is huge.

I am not sure you know HOW huge.

Up until the last six months, we tolerated each other.

I have been setting a lot of boundaries in my life and at the same time am trying to renew and refresh a lot of old ones.  I am sick and tired of the tension and the chaos that our relationship was.  So, in honour of my new attitude, I dropped my pride this last week and asked for help.  Much to my surprise, she was honoured! She was so excited to come and help me and we are having a lovely day in my office.  I am working (and blogging) on Husbands computer and she is doing bookkeeping on mine!

This is big people.

Bigger than you will ever know.


and good.

Monday, June 21, 2010

We survived.......

the family reunion.

Key moments that made me smile and laugh a little and will not be at my family reunion next month:
  • the booze.  The copious amounts of booze that got brought out everyday for breakfast.  Wow.  I did not know that people could drink that much.  Over and over and over.  Supposedly 20 beers in 5 hours is normal! Supposedly he wasn't even drunk!
  • the chihuaua's.  On my lanta!!!!! There were 13 little crap dogs there and one big one.  Seriously.  NO joke.  Not one was trained and two bit me! Again, my  bad.  Supposedly this is normal!
  • Two gay couples.  No issues with them at all! But the one was hilarious! One was white, one was black, they were divorced but there for moral support for each other and they were broadway singers currently in New York! They were extremely kind, but very funny.  They would break into song and giggle like little girls!
  • Booze, did I mention that there was booze?
Other than that it was good.  I am not a bigot, just so you know.  Had no issues with anyone there except the dogs.  They made me want to commit dog murder.  But, I did meet the most amazing girl.  Husbands two cousins were there and the one had his long term girlfriend there.  She was awesome! We hung out all weekend.  She had the coolest accent I have ever heard.  She was born in England, and has lived for three or more years in Thailand, Singapore, South Africa, Dubai and somewhere else I forget.  Mix those up to make a really cool person.

We had fun though and I got a good sunburn.  We are home now for a couple weeks..... we think! I think that we have sold our business but will know for sure later this week.  It would not be official until the end of July but it would be ok.  I am praying so hard right now that the house and the business sell.  I am so sick of not having anything done.  It feels like we are living in two worlds right now and it is getting old.  Really old.

Now, in a totally different area of my life...............

my dad......................................

has a girlfriend.

Yup.  You read it here.  He has a girlfriend.  She is supposedly amazing.  She has an 18 year old son.  She is 13 years younger than him.  They have been spending all their spare time together.  They are getting really serious really fast.  Yup.  I am not sure how I feel! Now, I haven't met her yet, but I am happy for him and feeling a little odd about the whole thing.  I get to meet her in July.  I am not sure if I am looking forward to it.  Dad is supposed to be with mom.  Not another woman.  This will be strange but good.  Why is it though, that all the insecurities come out and you start to wonder "will she like me?" "will we get along?" "is she in this for the right reasons?" "am I just a skeptical bitch that doesn't want to see my dad happy?" These things just keep running through my head and I just keep praying that I will stay positive.

We have another family reunion with my family now in August.  Actually excited now! I think that it will be nice to see lots of family and relax for a day or two!

I should go.  We have been gone a lot lately and have a lot of stuff to do in the next few weeks.

Later peeps!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random thoughts

Family reunions.........a whole lot of people acting like they love each other and it is full of tension and smiles

Restaurants....... a place where people meet to each food and treated horribly by waiters and waitresses

Head hurts.  Has for four days.

Can't kennel the dog because she is allergic to the rabies shots.  Seriously? For real?

I want a burnt orange wall in my house.  So bad I can taste it.  I am thinking of pinning up fabric so that I can have some color on the walls.

I started a jogging program this morning.  Husband and I are starting slow but are doing it.  We are getting up early and jogging every morning before breakfast.  This is the plan at least.

I realized that I own one nice bathing suit.  It makes my boobs look incredible.  Like amazing.  Am trying to decide if it is ok to wear at said family reunion.

Want my house to sell.  Please Lord.  Sell my house!

Want my business to sell.  Please Lord.  Sell the business!

Want to open a few new franchises in the next year so that I can have a slush fund for the business in order to start some new projects.

Found an amazing place to go for breakfast.  We have gone there a few times lately.  It is called "Cora".  You get tons of fresh fruit with your amazing meal.  Love it!

I want to go to a farmers market on Saturday.  I don't think it will happen.  I will be at a family thing. 

Maybe next weekend.

I am tired.  Husband has been not sleeping well and really grumpy this week and it is getting really hard to deal with.  I am trying to pretend to be really awake during the day and to not let him know that his lack of sleep is killing me because one of us has to be complete and getting something done.  I am so tired right now.  Lots of meetings and trying to get the books and stuff done and my brain is not working right.  I think I need someone to come in and help me with the books.

I just want to eat eggs.  Wierd.

I want to watch a lot of Chuck these days.  I have no time!

I think it is time to go to bed.

Night y'all!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Too long....

It has been too long.  How are you world? I am good.  Tired, but good.  We are busy working at the new business and loving it.  We are on the road constantly and think that it is insane! Spent the weekend at our old  home and had a blast.  This summer looks insane.  We are heading to two family reunions, two weddings, and a business to sell and a house to sell.  All hopefully in the next few weeks.  I hope that it will be good! It will be kinda insane but we are loving it.

I will write more soon.