Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I have done it!!!

I just reached my latest goal!!!! I officially am the skinniest I have been in 13 years.  Can you believe it? I can't.  Well, according to the scale I can, but it is still insane.  I have lost another 7.4 lbs and am now at 187.4.  The smallest I have ever been! And to think I wanted to quit my diet yesterday.

I had a horrible day yesterday! Work was whatever, I spent 9 hours driving and 4 working.  A long day if you ask me.  I made it home last night though to cuddle my husband.  And then? In all my tiredness? I DID NOT SLEEP AT ALL!!!!! It sucked.  I finally fell asleep this morning at around 6 and then woke up at 9.  I am going to work this morning for a bit and then take the afternoon off to have a nap.  I am two days ahead of schedule this week anyways so I think I deserve it.

Wow.  I am officially in the 180's.  I am shocked.  Sorry.  This session on the diet has almost kicked my butt! I did gorge days on Friday and Saturday and have only been on the eating plan since Sunday.  3 whole days and I am done! I had no idea it could get harder.  Not sure why it is so hard this time.  It seems to get harder each time.  I have decided to do a cheat day (not in a major way, just a little!) next Friday.  I am meeting a friend for the day and want to be able to eat and drink.  I will then have to deal with Thanksgiving with no food.  Not sure how fun that will be!

My dad and sister are not impressed that I will not be eating as it means I will not be cooking.  I am the cook in the family.  I told them I will help, but will not do it all.  Not even close! Turkey dinner is one of my favorites and I have not had one in almost a year.  This silly dieting has made me miss out on a lot of amazing food this year.  Sometimes is discourages me.  Other days? I remember that I will be done this whole charade in 5 and a half weeks and then I can eat again.  And will be able to for a long time after that.  I am going to do this six weeks and then stop.  I am not sure for how long.  I might be done! If I change my mind and decide to do more, I will wait till after Christmas I think.  I will eat turkey yet this year!


Lollie said...

Dawn you are awesome!! So excited for you! What is the diet called? What made you decide to do this one? Love you!! And you can do a big Turkey Dinner when your done! Thanksgiving doesn't just have to be in Oct!!

Dawn said...

Hey! I love you too! I am doing the HHCG diet. It is drastic but it works and I can maintain it after so I don't have to worry about gaining back all the weight. I decided to do this one because I was told by the nurse I bought it from that it works with steroid weight. I have tried everything else and this was something I had not done yet! And you better believe it.... turkey dinner in a major way at this house sometime after Nov 20! (that is when I can eat normal again)