Friday, September 16, 2011


The bane of my existence.

This drug is horrible.  But it has turned my husband from this:

To this:

He is healthy right now.  Well, not completely, but I have my husband back.  The top picture? He was admitted to the hospital 6 weeks later and almost died.  Yeah.  Not healthy.

So, I go to the pharmacy to get his latest round of nastiness to find out that they are having a hard time getting it.  They had enough for this month and maybe next time (in two months) but that is it.  The manufacturer is not making more right now.  Yup.  And now is when we watch my stress level rise!!!!!

This drug is not one that we can buy a different brand for.  It is the only one out there.  We cannot just leave it for a bit and then put him back on it.  If he goes off it? He is sick.  I am freaking out.  And at the same time? Before I panicked too big, I prayed and left it in God's hands.  I will now sit back and watch and see what happens.  Can you pray too? I am trying to not freak out right now.  They say when it rains it pours and we are having a Tsunami over here.  Please pray for our family and for the doctors and the drug makers.

I am doing surprisingly well though.  I know.  Shock to anyone who knows me.  I am getting up each day and putting one foot in front of the other and getting stuff done.  I will succeed.

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Lollie said...

I will pray Dawn. It's hard in the thick of it to remember that God is always in control and He always has a perfect plan for us:)