Friday, February 19, 2010


We are away from home right now and shopping.  Too much shopping! We went to a commercial kitchen store today for the restaurant.  Yup.  Spent a lot.  A lot a lot.  Not cool.  It is good  for the restaurant but it was insane what we all got! The staff will hopefully be happy.  I usually love shopping but right now am a little stressed out about the money stuff.  I don't know why! Too funny. 

We are also shopping for a new chair for the living room, a new coffee table and a new rug for downstairs.  I know, we are out of work right now and people think we are nuts.  We have money that we have saved for these things.

So, we are going to hang out with friends tomorrow, sleep in and shop on Sunday, Monday and go home Tuesday! I am loving it.  I am excited to be gone and enjoying time with my husband. 

Speaking of that, I am going to go cuddle!

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