Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blogs I follow

I love some amazing blogs and therefore decided to link some of them here for you to look at!

Some of my favorites are:  This blog is about an amazing family with 14 kids.  I don't have any but man would I give anything to be a fly on the wall in this family for a week.  They sound like what I wanted  in my own life!  This blog is written by an amazing woman.  She is a mom, photographer, homemaker, and decorates constantly.  Love how she writes.  Makes you want to be her friend. Married couple.  Home decor guru's! Super popular and human and normal.  Great ideas to decorate on a dime! Or a nickel!  Amazing cook.  Her baking is incredible! Have not made a bad recipe off of here yet!

These are a few of the ones I love.  I will post more soon! What are you interested in? What blogs do you follow on a regular basis? I follow about 40 blogs.  Ouch! Let me know what you are interested in! I might follow one that would work for you!

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