Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Passing Grade


Health: Kinda followed my diet.  Did not do as good as I should have.  Will have to improve.

Mind: Quite good! I felt mentally weak (the diet does that to me) but overall was happy!

Body: Sitting at 184.8 lbs.  This is incredible for me! I even wore one of my new coats today.  Feeling kinda empty and hungry tonight and it is hurting my stomach.  Making for a sleepless night.

Work: Was actually quite productive! Another nice day for work.  I started my day in the office.  Returned phone calls, emails etc.  Went to a bank meeting.  It went as good as I expected! Went to a lunch meeting.  Had a salad that I should not have had (see Health).  Had to eat.  Only ate that today.  Went to a marketing meeting.  It was informative.  Not quite what I am looking for for the business at this time but that is OK! It gave me good information and they gave me a gift certificate to a local restaurant for sitting there! Came home after that and paid bills, tidied the house and returned a whole lot more phone calls for work.  Man.  Some days my phone rings off the hook!

Marriage: I think I pissed off the Husband.  I wanted to watch TV and wouldn't let him.  He was not impressed.  Will do better tomorrow! I will learn to share! Other than that? Going well.  Love the time I get with him.  Have so much fun watching him do his hobbies and seeing him feel good about himself again.

Home: Did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, tidied the bedroom, organized a little of my office.

Overall Score:     B-

Changes I would make: Follow the diet. Spend more time in the office and not as much time away.  Makes it hard to get a lot done some days.  Learn to share the TV.  Not an easy thing for me.  Spend less time on the TV and more organizing and cleaning our house and making it feel like home.

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