Sunday, October 23, 2011

Meal Planning

I get asked often what meals I make on a regular basis.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

That is usually my response.  Husband and I were talking and realized that we never eat the same things often! Our "regular" meals we eat about three times a year.  Is that sad? So, for the year 2012, we are taking on a challenge.  I am making a list of meals.  We are going to eat 365 different meals.  Due to there only being two of us, we are leaving in a few extra nights for leftovers! Probably about 50 nights.  I am also going to add 12 nights for eating out.  We might do more, but if we stuck to this? We would save money! I am also on the road a lot so I have to factor that in.  But? In the end, I am going to make a meal plan of 365 different meals, no repeats and see how we do.

Now, the problem is?

HELP!!!!! I need help! What are your favorite meals? I can find recipes, but what meals do you eat? Off the top of my head, I am at about 40.  I am going to continue to add to it, but what do people out there eat? Soups, salads, casseroles, random, weird, I will take all ideas.  Might even eat a lot of them!

Thanks in advance for your help!

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