Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Orange Room and Waiscotting

Finally! Right?

Life around here these days is all about finding balance.  How to balance a child/teenager full of angst and needing more attention than you can possibly imagine.  How to balance my business during the day while trying to home school.  Trying to balance cooking/me time/tv/time with Husband on a daily basis without going crazy.  I have decided to keep the cleaner.  That is a saving grace right now.  I have also started the meal planning again and am taking it very seriously.  I have watched one hour of tv in the last week.  And have dates often during activities for the kid. (kid goes to boxing? We go grocery shopping and sneak kisses in the isles) Romantic? Not so much.  But needed none the less.

I have also had to put all house projects on hold right now while trying to find balance in all the other areas of life.  But? I did finish the paint at least in the orange room.  Husband and I were talking that maybe this weekend we will go around and do final touch ups on things so at least they are all done.

Here it is!!!!!

The color is Tandoori by Benjamin Moore.  These pictures do not do it justice.  I can't seem to get a good photo!

We have not decided what to do on the wall behind the couch for color as it is the wall that will connect to the main floor.  And no.  The lamp is not staying there or a lot of the other things.  Nothing has been set up yet in that way.  It is just kind of done right now.  Enough that we can use the room!

I love the texture of the wainscotting. I love the shadows! And yes.  I was watching old tv :)

A little closer to the true color!

We started with a template that we cut out of paper and a lot of sanded/cut/ measured  5/8th inch MDF

Here is our template.  As soon as one section (below) was done, all the big areas just continued.  I made the template to have all exact measurements (6 inches, 10 inches, etc) and all the middle pieces are 2 inches in width.  We used the template to fill the small walls.  We just moved the template over the wall until we found a section we liked! Then traced it and re cut the wood to fit.

This was a huge project but I am in love with the finished product.  This room was all this plain builders beige and with flat boring walls.  I am so in love! The paint is so warm and cozy.  Big Red even commented last night on how much he loves this room.  I can't wait to put up art and actually finish the room! And the coffee table? Martha Stewart from Canadian Tire.  The top is two pillows that you can take out and flip upside down to be a solid surface.  We usually have one side pillow and the other solid to hold remotes and a coffee cup or two.  There is also the storage beneath that we like.

So there.  It is finally done! Ask any questions you want.  And yes.  I would do this again in a heart beat! We actually have plans to do down the stairs with it as well.  Maybe in spring!


Jibberblog said...

This is so awesome! So creative and so bright and SO VERY AWESOME! I. Am. Jealous.

Darci Brousseau said...

I love it!!