Friday, September 4, 2009

Here we go!

I am doing something. I am actually going to try to heal all this crap! I am heading to Laguna Beach in two weeks to go to a conference. I am attending the "Ultimate Leadership" conference held there. I am going to finally deal with all my crap.

Wow. I am actually kind of excited. I am reading the three books that they recommend for me to read and at this point, I am shocked at what I am learning. It is causing some problems, and I am becoming very angry about what I am learning, but I will deal with that. I will post more on this tomorow or another day.

Today if Friday. Today is the beginning of a long weekend. This means that the husband is home. This means that I might actually get to see him a little bit! I can't wait. Right now, he is playing xbox with his best friend, but maybe tomorow? Then I can kidnap him and have some time.

Today was a good day though, followed by a nice dinner. I made Peanut Chicken Saute. So that stuff. Here is a current picture of me! I was just at a wedding. It was good! Later people....if anyone actually reads this.

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Mel said...

I'm still here! I hope your conference and all the reading goes well, and that you sort through the pain without much suffering. Love you <3