Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Australia is stealing...

my friend.

Today I had to say goodbye to a good friend.  I know we will keep in contact and I know we will stay friends but I have been heartbroken all day.  She is leaving on an adventure and it is amazing.  I am so excited for her! i really am.  But have you ever met someone and you just clicked? We did.  Or at least it did for me.  She is amazing and beautiful and so kind.  Even Husband loves her! I can talk to her and tell her anything.  She has been a support system for me and I will miss our lunch and dinner dates greatly.

Isn't she gorgeous?

Thank you L.  You have been amazing for me.  You have made me feel loved and cared for.  You have made me laugh and run through malls like no one else.  I look forward to buying that plane ticket to come and see you.  Jay is one lucky guy and I hope that he knows that.  Don't forget me! 

And remember that day in Starbucks that we decided to be friend even thought you were moving? I am glad that we decided that.

Miss you.

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