Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Positive things.

Trying to be positive.  This slump has to leave soon.

  • Lack of snow for this time of year
  • sun
  • my puppy who is has started playing mind tricks on me ( a whole new post)
  • how empty theaters are in the middle of the day
  • lunch at italian restaurants for work
  • how much Husband loves me
  • my favorite restaurant in Hawaii posted my two favorite meals on their recipes section on line
  • Las Vegas the tv show
  • Josh Duhammel.  Yummy.
  • paying bills today.  Always like to pay things off.
  • Clean laundry
  • Comfy couch to sit on
  • Flowers at the Muttart.  I am heading there tomorrow.

I had a good cry with Husband last night.  We had a good talk and I am feeling ok.  I am on my final day of pills which is nice due to the side effects.  I can start on my B vitamins again tomorrow which will be nice.  I am hoping he takes the weekend off work.  I need some hubby time.  I want to get up Saturday, go to the farmers market, go see some sights, look at a new rental place I inquired about, maybe see a movie, cook together, go shopping for my birthday clothes that he said I get, and just be with him.  I sure hope he takes it off.  His schedule is weird.  If he doesn't book time? He doesn't get it.  Dad and his lady friend are coming through on Friday night.  I hope it is ok.  Things are so hard and awkward there.  I just hope they are happy and that a year from now things are all normal.

I should go.  I need to get ready for the day today.  I have two meetings this afternoon that I can't get out of.  I guess business meetings are good for something! They force me to do my hair and makeup!

I am also going to cook dinner tonight.  This might seem minor? But how I am feeling? Not so minor.  I am making honey mustard chicken, oven roasted potatoes, and some sort of veggie or salad.  Now I just have to do it! I have all the stuff.  I just have to do it.  

How I am feeling.  Just a little off...


Jibberblog said...

It's been five days since this post, you don't usually go this long. How you doin'?

Dawn said...

Thanks Jibberblog. I am doing a little better. And I am back! I promise!