Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our future home

Have you ever heard of Karoleena homes? They are Husbands new obsession.

They are a modular style home but amazing and modern and you can stack them and move them and they are incredible! We want one.

Home and Garden Show.  You can see the house in the background.

 This is our 5 year plan.  We want to find a piece of land and put a few of these on there.  Make an incredible home.  You should look them up! They are really cool.

We also checked out the dream homes in town on the weekend.  Fell in love with the wallpaper on these walls and these light fixtures.  How fun are these! I loved this whole house.  Hey Jill, when you guys come, I will take you through these.  They are crazy! The fanciest one is worth 1.8 million dollars! 
Oh, and I plan on winning one of them.  Not picky.  Any of the three will do.

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Thought this was super cool for a high ceiling.  I might try this one day!

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