Friday, October 2, 2009

At what point do people grow up?

I love my job. Some days. I work for a road building company as an NCSO (National Construction Safety Officer) and the office manager. I am a busy girl most days. I teach WHMIS and TDG and FLAGGING and do all the bookkeeping. In my spare time (laughable I know) I own a restaurant. I do all the bookkeeping there, I do the schedules, some of the orders, I work there at times, I am the go to for everything. I am a busy girl.

Today was a day. The boys at the roadbuilding place are all in the midst of the worlds biggest cock-fight! I swear! These guys are the most immature people I have ever met! One guy threw some garbage on the ground. Another guy called him on it. They almost ended up in fisty cuffs! It was amazing! We actually had to talk four guys down from having a fight. These guys are not all 18. They are all 25+. I am amazed. When are they going to grow up? Is this for real?

Then, at the restaurant, a girl didn't show up for her shift. Whatever. This happens. But, when someone finally got ahold of her? She had a family emergency and is leaving town. No timeline, no nothing! Why didn't she at least call me? I was raised that you tell your boss what is going on. I am going to have to let her go I think. This is about number 15 of her pissing me off since I hired her. She is just dead weight. I am so frustrated.

But on another note, even with all the crap that has happened this week, and today was just a minor day, I have been happy! Tired, but happy! I am doing ok! I am terrified that I am going to fail and get really depressed and fall back to where I was. I got another email from a "green" today (by the way, greens are the people in my group at Ultimate Leadership) and it made my day! I was sad to hear that she is struggling but was so happy to know that she cares! I know that that sounds so odd, but it is good.

I start guitar lessons tomorow. I am excited. I worked out 3 times this week. I have made a good dinner every night. I am getting everything done and it is feeling good. I feel overwhelmed though at the idea of everything else that I have to do this next week.

Time to go! I am going to go cuddle my husband and watch some episodes of House.


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