Thursday, October 15, 2009


My amazing these ladies!

My stunning niece! With an attitude a mile wide but a heart of gold.

My mom's grave. I spent a lot of time there this trip crying and starting my healing process. It was incredibly hard but good. I brought her an angel and some new flowers, cleaned up some weeds and rearranged some decorations that were there.

My crazy nieces! We had two dance parties over the weekend. They were so much fun. I can't wait to see these girls all grown up. They are going to be a blast!
Mount Robson. I saw this on my way from Edmonton to Vanderhoof. I have hardly ever seen it with no clouds on the top of it. You can usually see only the bottom half. It was awesome!

I went out of town for Thanksgiving and left my boys at home! I had a good time. Dance parties with the nieces, good food, amazing family and a lot of healing. I am on an incredible journey and I cannot wait to see where I am at in a few years or even a few months! I hate loading pictures on here, they are never in the right order! Oh well. This works.
I started my counselling with my phsycologist this week. It was awesome. I have so much hurt and so many things that make no sense to me. It was really nice to hear from someone that I am not losing it! That I am not broken! She confirmed so many things for me and made me feel like I am not the only freak out there! A lot of feelings were validated. I walked away feeling even more hope. I am going back next week! I am going weekly from now on. It will be good for me.
In other news, an amazing friend is sponsoring my husband and I to go to Seattle in November for a "New Life Ministries" weekend. It is hosted by Steve Arterburn. He is the guy that writes "Another Man's Battle" and that whole series of books. I am really excited to go. Husband and I are pretty pumped to get away and spend some time together. I think that we might go find his birthdad and his grandma on the same trip. It should be good.
So, I hear that people are actually reading this thing. Could you guys please comment? I am just curious!
Later people!!!



Mel said...

Sounds like lots to be thankful for :) Love ya! <3

Anonymous said...

I have this image of you in mind of when you were 9 and I was 14, you were just the cutest little thing and you liked me:-) I just read your entire blog, wow, I had no idea, now I wish I would have given you a bigger hug when I saw you in the hoof!!! Keep writin and i"ll keep readin and prayin:-)Nita

Jill said...

Me, me,me!!! I'm reading it! I love you little sister. Now you need to start reading mine. Jill