Friday, October 16, 2009

Meal Planning

I am trying to do meal plans for the next few months. I get so caught up in work and life and it is so easy to just ignore cooking and eat out! When you own a restaurant and eat for free it is hard to not want to just eat there. So, I am going to write on here what my meal plans are for the weeks and we will see how many I actually cook!

This week, I am planning to make:

  • Spinach, ricotta lasagne and five cheese garlic toast with a tossed salad (tonight...I can smell it cooking!!! YUMMY!)
  • Egg, chorizo and cilantro wraps with a fruit salad (I love breakfast food)
  • Roast beef with yorkshire pudding, garlic mashed potatoes and candied carrots
  • Corn Chowder and homemade bread with butter
  • Chicken Taco Salad

I think that that is it. I only pick five nights when I do meal plans. I find that either we eat out or we eat leftovers at least two nights a week so it makes no sense to plan for all 7. I then get really annoyed and discouraged that I only cooked 5 nights instead of 7. Lowering your expectations for yourself is sometimes nice! It keeps you from being dissapointed!!!

Time to go eat!

What do you guys eat? What kind of meals do you eat? Do you do meal plans? Let me know!

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