Monday, December 12, 2011

100 things I love

I am going to attempt this.  Feeling kinda blah tonight with Husband back to work and the sun leaving us so early.  So here goes! (the order of these does not reflect how much I love them.  My brain is random and so is this list)

  1. Husband
  2. God
  3. Paige my dog
  4. my Christmas tree
  5. the lights around my office window
  6. music
  7. Mexican food
  8. my iPhone
  9. travelling
  10. Atlantis Paradise Resort
  11. Italian food
  12. cheeseburgers
  13. ice tea
  14. IKEA
  15. going for long drives
  16. family
  17. friends
  18. spontaneous lunches with good friends
  19. girls days
  20. parts of my job
  21. my computer
  22. my cookbook collection
  23. my bed.  I love sleeping!
  24. hot baths with a cheesy girly book
  25. candles
  26. smell of fresh laundry
  27. beautiful photos
  28. cuddles
  29. hugs
  30. kisses
  31. the way my nieces talk to me in ridiculous accents
  32. my grandma and her cookie recipes
  33. my grandpa and how he fights with me
  34. my new necklace (previously posted)
  35. new hair colours
  36. rearranging furniture
  37. Muttart Conservatory and their gardens
  38. Ultimate Leadership.  Have gone twice and want to go again soooooo bad
  39. knowing I will be ok.  Even on the worst of days.
  40. wrastling (as Husband calls it) with the boy
  41. having the giggles
  42. music concerts
  43. any good production.  Cirque de Soleil, Symphony Orchestra, etc.
  44. the dragon flies on my bedroom wall
  45. painting.  Love to see the change of before and after
  46. color.  My last house had 17 colours in it.  It was amazing.
  47. my dad.  He rocks.
  48. facebook.  I know.  Kinda lame, but I love the reconnecting with friends
  49. challenges.  This whole festival thing I am doing.  The insanity of it all.
  50. Cooking.  Love it.  Especially for people! Don't do it much when I am alone.

Ok.  I seriously need a break.  Really Dawn? 100 things? I know there are more.  Let my brain think for a minute.  So, how are you? I am pretty good.  This time of year is hard.  I hate that the sun came out after I left for work and it set before I was home! The days are under 8 hours of daylight right now and I am finding it hard this year.  Who knew!

Alright, back to the show.

  1. My new coconut scented deodorant
  2. people who call me on my crap
  3. the first sign of green in spring
  4. the smell of lilacs
  5. beautiful flowers
  6. waterfalls
  7. my beautiful red shoes (John Fluevog, see above)
  8. Chris Tomlin music
  9. having a few people in my life that KNOW me.  Not just know me, but KNOW.  You know what I am saying???
  10. palm trees
  11. exploring cultures of other countries.  I find it extremely intriguing
  12. banana bread
  13. clean sheets
  14. new socks
  15. massages
  16. notes from Husband
  17. making lists.  I am always making them.  I have probably 50 note pads around my house!
  18. watching TV
  19. the smell of coffee
  20. Holiday London Fog from Second Cup
  21. Grilled/panini press anything
  22. cheese
  23. Christmas decorations
  24. Crate and Barrel
  25. Le Creuset 
  26. Urban Barn
  27. going to the movies
  28. eating out
  29. coconut anything
  30. playing games with people
  31. farmers markets
  32. crowds of people
  33. dreaming
  34. schedules
  35. spontaneity (yes, I can love both)
  36. doing nice things for other people
  37. the feeling I get in my tummy when I see Husband
  38. His blue eyes
  39. His dimples
  40. My dogs really bad attitude.  Seriously.  My list.  I can have her twice.  She cracks me up! I will do a post on her one day.
  41. Christmas dinner.  The full shebang.  Not a small version.  All out baby.
  42. Buying gifts for people when they don't expect them.
  43. not caring about punctuation or editing on my blog :)
  44. mini cheesecakes
  45. CSI style shows.  I swear I have seen at least 800 different ways to kill someone.  And then how to get caught! And yet I continue to watch them.
  46. my smile.  This has taken a lot but I think it is pretty ok.
  47. my eyes.  I think they are really the window to my soul.  Get to know me? You can see everything in my eyes
  48. my Keurig and the Island Coconut coffee that I am out of
  49. the end of this list
  50. blogging


Jibberblog said...

Go you. That's some list. I'm jealous of your Keurig. We've been eyeballing one for a month or so now. This was a good idea, I feel a bit blah in this stupid winter always overcast weather too.

Jadekitty said...

Thanks for interesting read! I won't tell you what I was supposed to be doing :-) I love the shoes.

Chad Taylor said...

Just a few more things to add to your list:
-A new pillow
-Taking a million pictures of flowers on trips
-An awesome fitting pair of jeans(who doesn't like that)
-A good ball point pen
-Sticky notes
-Your iPad
-Smell of freshly cut grass and saw mills
-Peoples comments on here
-Your banker/post office lady/pharmacist...
-Blue plate dinner
-Little snow men guys from your mom
-Q-tip tin
-Getting hit on by OLD men! :)
-Being talked off your daily "ledge"
-Life, more often than not
-Driving around town looking for awesome little neighbourhoods and Christmas lights
-Being retarded with your husband
-Naughty things

And so on.