Friday, December 16, 2011

High Five for Friday

I saw this on another blog and decided to start copying it!

"It's time for High Five for Friday! It's my top (high on the list) five things that happened/I enjoy this week. Get it? High five? And high five that it's Friday? Like you high five your friend? Have I over-explained? Over-complicated?"

This is how she described it.

So here goes!

  1. I got a private tour (OK, there were three other people there) of the huge winter festival that Edmonton is putting on.  I even got to wear a hard hat! They are in the process of building 5 huge pavilions that there will be activities at for 8 weekends in January and February.  That is the Festival I keep talking about.  I will be in the food area! Surprise!  
Inside the Taste of Winter pavilion.  Our little 9x9 booth we are serving food out of

Entrance to the food one, stairs leading to upstairs eating area, looking out into the community one.
The kids pavilion.  All free activities and a 45 foot slide!

Looking up in the Brewhouse!

Inside the brewhouse

Cliff, the man in charge of all this, and I

Kids pavilion looking out at the community skating rink

Looking out at the Taste of Winter.  You can see the community on in the background

The shrink wrapping process

2.  Husband was home for a night in the middle of this week and we spent some of it just cuddling on the couch watching a movie.  It was amazing and so peaceful.  Miss that guy when he is gone.

3.  Got an amazing email from a co-worker/franchisee about ideas she has and how much she enjoyed meeting me.

4.  Was asked out by yet another old man (this happens often for some reason) and he told me that I broke his heart with my amazing smile.  Made my day.  I will admit it!

5.  Found another button to push to irritate my Husband! I know.  This is horrible but we live to irritate each other sometimes! We both do it and I found a good one.  Off to call him now and push it a little!

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