Monday, December 19, 2011


Not bacon.  Baking.

My least favorite part of Christmas.

I can handle the crowds, the family, the cooking and the decorating.

Hate the baking.

So this year my cousin (Tammy) and I decided to do a baking day.  Get it all over and done with.  No matter how tired you are, there is something about knowing someone is counting on you to get it done that keep you going!

And we baked.  Oh did we bake.

We made:

  • whipped short bread
    • picture from Simply Frugal
  • ginger molasses cookies
    • picture from mymacedoniankitchen
  • that chocolate roll that I had on here a few days ago (finished it, it was amazing!)
    • photo from redbubble
  • butter tarts
    • photo from chasingtomatoes
And let me say that none of these were small batches.  I am talking 4-10 dozen each recipe.

  • peanut butter confetti (you know, the one with coloured marshmallows and butterscotch/peanut butter stuff around them? )
    • photo from treataweek
  • chocolate covered peanut butter balls
  • white chocolate cranberry cookies
    • photo from company's coming
  • rice krispie chocolate rollup
  • and two things that I can't pronounce.  Tammy? What are they called?

To say it mildy? I am tired.

I am not cooking dinner.

I am making the boy take me out.

Once he gets home from work.

I hope.



Jadekitty said...

Oh my word. It sounds so scrumptious. I wish I had people to bake for. That's my favorite part. :-)

Tammy said...

Vanilla and Almond Mandelsnitter