Thursday, December 15, 2011

When the Husband is away?

Eat salad.

I am still trying to maintain my weight and doing mighty fine at it I might add.  Some days? I just need to eat crap though.  Yesterday? Was one of those days.  Starbucks TWICE (bad I know), Red Robbins for a burger and fries and then crap again for dinner! Wow.  Epic fail! But, I did not gain weight.  Figure that out! So today? Decided to go a little healthier.  Had a muffin for breakfast, skipped lunch (was on the LRT on my way to a meeting) and then made my favorite salad for dinner.

So here it is!

Start with some lettuce of your choice

Add a little cheese.  I had this in the fridge but my favorite for this salad is Edam

Add dried cherries and almonds.  Cranberries or raisins are not the same. Not sure why, but they don't taste as good.

Add some green peas.  I put them in a small bowl, top with water and microwave for 2 minutes.  Makes it quick!

Add this amazing dressing.  I am not sure where to buy it.  Probably on their web site.  I get it at the Muttart in town.

Super healthy! And there is the info to buy it.  Look at that! It is a more savoury dressing than sweet.

Add some quinoa

Mix in a pretty bowl and enjoy! Super high in protein, tons of goodness and yummy! If you ever come to my house, I will make it for you!


Jadekitty said...

Looks delish!

Jibberblog said...

it does look yummy, what exactly is quinoa?

Dawn said...

Quinoa is a seed. You can get it bulk at your grocery store and you cook it just like rice. It is the highest form of protein you can eat and super yummy! I add it to soup, salads, instead of hashbrowns with some scrambled eggs and stuff mixed in! You name it I eat it! It is amazing. Check it out on wikipedia. They have a good description.