Monday, December 5, 2011

Peter pan Shmeter Shman

How did you become more of a grown-up this year? Or did you pull a Peter Pan and stubbornly remain childlike?

Interesting Question! I did a little of each I think.

More grown-up:

  • I let my faux hawk grow out.  I know.  Laugh all you want, but I did.  I loved my funky hair but when it came time to be an adult, I needed to be looked at more seriously and the hair was not helping.  I had this:

And now I have this:

Still in the annoying growing out stage and all but it is definitely more professional.  And can I say that while gaining the hair I lost a few chins! CHECK IT OUT!!!!! Big shout out to the lady rolls that left!

  • I also gave up on the nose ring battle.  My nose did not like it and was constantly trying to push it out and so I decided to let it go.  I am thinking of getting it done again one day, but for now? Being a little more girly is kinda fun.
  • I started cooking more and differently.  Trying more adult, less cheese infused dishes.  Not that I was a cheese-a-holic before? But I actually use things like Quinoa now.  I know! Big foods for me!
  • Started putting more time and energy into me.  Stopped thinking "I will do that when I grow up" and started paying attention now.  Weight, mental health, friendships etc.
  • Marriage appreciation 101.  I have really realized this year how much I value my marriage.  No, it is not perfect all the time, but it is pretty darn good.  We have never had major crazy throw down fights, we are still in love, we are still best friends and I love that guy more than I could ever imagine!
  • Started paying more attention to my job.  Really taking it seriously.  I own my own company and the work I put I=the money I get the most point.  I started to realize that if I want this company to really go anywhere and to be able to really succeed at it, that I have to put more time, effort and love into it.  Sounds like most areas in our lives, right?

Still pulling a Peter Pan?

  • still "wrastle" with Husband often
  • still eat horrible bad for me food even though I know that it is bad
  • still read trashy books and magazines even though I own so many good/mature/spiritual ones that I should be reading instead
  • still have too much fun harassing (in a good way!)  people and getting rises out of them
  • still drive too fast.  Got my first speeding ticket this year though!
  • still giggled when I was  "served" the other day and said out loud "it is just like on the movies".  I am sure the ladies thought I was nuts!
  • still giggle more than a grown woman should
  • still don't ever want to grow up!

I think I have reached a compromise in the middle, don't you???


Heather said...

You (and your necklace) are totally adorable. I also do the same with reading trashy stuff when I have meaningful stuff that would serve me much better :P

Lollie said...

You look awesome! Love your bling:) I think you're just perfect;)