Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hawaii 2010

So, having issues with pictures, but here goes!

Our room view in Waikiki

Where: Hawaii.  We went to Oahu and Waikiki

Pearl Harbour

Dad and I climbing a ladder on the USS Missouri tour

When: December for 17 days

Why: Dad lived there and built houses for missionaries 36 years ago and we wanted to take him back to see what he had done there.  Also? Beach. Sun. Palm Trees. Ocean.

Who: Oahu-my dad, husband and myself.  My brother and sister-in-law joined us for Maui

Hanauma Bay-snorkelling mecca of Oahu


  • whale watching
  • Ziplining.  Amazing.
  • snorkelling (for the boys.  I don't do it)
  • Aloha Restaurant.  Cheap meals.  Good meals.  Could have eaten there every day.
  • Hana Highway
  • Seeing a concert with Cheech, Chong (in attendence) William Shatner, Mack Fleetwood and his band, Tom Arnold and some other people.  So fun.  Amazing music.
  • Roasted macadamia nut Gelato on Front Street at ONO Gelato
  • Plate lunch (hawaiian thing.  Rice, mac salad and meat.  So tasty!)
  • Getting a tan!
  • Nude beach.  Sooooo funny the people that go there.
  • To see what Dad did and hear all the stories.
  • Cheesecake Factory cheesecake


  • Travelling with people.  They were all very quiet and would not voice opinions until they were mad and then they were whispered to other people just loud enough to hear.  So mature.
  • Waikiki.  Was not impressed! I have to admit.  I would never go back there.  It was too big city and did not have a lot of Mahalo compared to Maui.  Felt like Vancouver with palm trees.  Also very expensive and you needed a car for almost everything.  
  • Having to fly at night.  I hate leaving at 11:40 pm.  Has made for a tiring last week.
  • The lack of snorkelling I did.  I cannot handle the salt water and so I had a rather boring vacation.  There were 5 of us sharing a vehicle and so I did what they did. 
  • Travelling with people that like to get up early! I like to sleep till 8 or 9.  Not get up at 6 or 7.  So sad.  Not a lot of sleep was had.
  • Rain.  A lot of rain for a few days + the presidents vacation obsessing a city made for a few annoying quiet days.
Homeless people everywhere.  Set up in big tent cities.  Very sad.

Changes I would make:

  • No Waikiki
  • No big restaurants.  Just local stuff.
  • More tours and local activities
  • Just Husband and I :) I miss travelling with just him.  It has been a long time.
  • Spend more time researching before we go to find the cool stuff and not just the tourist stuff.

Husband, Dad, Brother.  Seeing who has the bigger gut.  Classy.

Overall Grades:

Food           B for Waikiki and A- for Maui
Location     C+ for Waikiki and A for Maui
People        C+ for Waikiki and B for Maui
Shopping    Both a B
Activities    A for both
One of three houses Dad built 36 years ago

Would I go again?

I would go again.  I would not go to Oahu.  I would pick a different Island and probably and different side in Maui.  See something new! I think we will go back at some point in our lives.  It is an easy trip.  It just won't be for a long time.  I have so many places I want to go and so little time to do them in.  I can't imagine not seeing more of this world!

Little road side market we went to.  Pineapples from heaven!

Black sand beach.  It was my goal to see a white, black and red sand 
beach and I managed to see all three!

Beautiful old Catholic Church we drove past
Dad (isn't he handsome?) and the famous Mable Todd that he worked for all
 those years ago.  She was the sweetest most amazing woman.  The stereotypical grandma.

 Sexy.  Isn't he? I still wonder how he found a wife.

Maybe he gave her this smile instead :)

Crazy cool trees that look painted.  Loved them!
Husband and I
Favorite photo

 The end.


Lollie said...

We love Oahu! But we don't spend time at all in Waikiki. The North, East or West Shore is like being on a different island.
Kailua Bay is our fav. but we stay in Kapolei. The NOrth Shore is beautiful and there is very much Mahalo there and in the other 2 places I mentioned. So sorry you didn't get to see the uncommercialized sides.
We go to an awesome church on the beach in Kapolei. Pastor Izzy says "Welcome to the official Church without walls!"
I would love to see Maui and Kauai!
Gorgeous pics by the way!
Akua(God) Ho' omaika'i(Bless) Oe(You)!

Anonymous said...

Love love love all you pictures :D I am very glad you had a wonderful christmas.......lots of love Amie