Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I did it!

I actually posted almost every day this month! And guess what? I loved it! I am going to try to keep it up.

I decided that today? You get a day in the life of me post.

Wanna know what I am doing today? No? Well.  Then stop reading :)

8:00 Wake up.  Not happily.  I am not a morning person.

8:45 Get off the phone with Husband from our morning chat and write on here!

9:00 Be ready for the day.  I am speedy quick.  Shit/shower/shave/hair/makeup in under 15.

9:15 Back in my office with coffee in hand


  • pay bills
  • do a whole heck of a lotta organizing
  • filing
  • work on my year end to get it to the accountant
  • answer emails
  • find graph paper
  • work on a floor layout for the huge festival I am working on for January
  • deal with insurance on a car accident I was in in October
  • book another massage.  The one last night for the above accident was amazing.  Slept without a heating pad for first time in a month
  • more organizing
11:15 Head out of the house to go to an early lunch meeting.  Work colleague/vendor who I adore but we are both incredibly indecisive and can never figure out where to eat

11:30-1:00 Enjoy lunch while talking shop

1:00-2:15 Either go home and work again (15 minutes of driving each way so not sure I want to do it) or go find a coffee shop and a book and relax for an hour

2:30-3:30 Meeting with a marketing team about promo stuff for festival.  Signs and banners and all that jazz! I am not sure I will go with them but I will see.  Have to decide this week as I need it all designed and printed in the next month.  Big decisions to make.

3:30-6:00 My dad is back in town tonight on his way home from girlfriends.  We are planning on doing all our Christmas shopping today.  Wish us luck! I have a list of items so it shouldn't be too bad.

6:00-7:00 Dinner with Daddy

7:00-10:00 Wrap said presents that I hopefully found, chill in front of my ugly tree ( I am soooooo posting about that soon.  It is hilarious!), watch TV, hear him giggle about his "honey", and head to bed as tomorrow? I leave my house at 8 am and am not home until late late late.  

This week has been exhausting! I am looking forward to Saturday.  Farmers market, sleep in, drink coffee, relax, and probably do some laundry and cook! Should be a good week though.  Getting lots done.

See you in December!

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Jadekitty said...

I didn't realize you blog. So now I have lots of catch up reading to do.
Thanks for stopping in and commenting :)