Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm so lonesome...

I could cry.

WARNING: If you don't want to hear whining? Stop reading.

Could he be any cuter? Look at those baby blues

Typical day in the life of US.

I phoned Husband this morning and told him that I hated loving him so much.  How lame is that! I wish that I was like some wives that didn't mind when their husband left.  I wish I was OK being home alone all day every day.  I wish that I enjoyed being alone so much.  I know people that would love this!

Me? I hate it.  I really do.  Husband is my best friend.  My husband, my lover, my supporter, my confidante.  He is everything to me.  I need him and want him and miss him.

I will have to learn to adjust though.  He is loving his job and it takes him away.  I have been spoiled in the fact that I got him every day all day for a year.  Most wives would never get that.  He is gone right now.  He is far enough away that he can't come home every night and far enough away that I can't go to him due to work conflicts.  It sucks! I miss the laughter, the goofiness the cuddles.

I also work from home, so I don't get out much!

Wow.  Time to go see about getting my IPhone fixed.  And to stop whining.


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