Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I am one of those people where certain visual things can completely change my mood.  Does that sentence even make sense? OK.  Let me try to rephrase that.  Here are a few photos of things in my house that can get a smile out of me even in the worst mood EVER!

When I ask for cuddles, my dog rolls onto her back and looks at me like this! She is too cute

The magic mirror in my room that makes me look so skinny!

The pictures above our bed

Books.  I just have to see them and smell them and I feel more relaxed

The dancing snowmen on my windowsill.  The last gift from my mom

My beautiful Christmas 

The area above my fireplace.  It is huge and looks so pretty at night.

The horrible floor to ceiling wallpaper that smothers my main floor bathroom.  All the way baby.  All the way.  They even left us more to do the ceiling if we wanted!

My Peter Lik picture in another bathroom

The view from my desk.  It is my street and it is kinda pretty! I see a lot of sky, my neighbours, the snow, flowers and grass in summer and my fun lamp.

This has been a challenging month at times.  It is not even over yet! I have to admit though, there are things here that make me happy.  And these are just a few of them.  What makes you happy?

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Jibberblog said...

Right now, I'm happy that my view has no snow in it yet. Thanks for that. :)