Thursday, November 17, 2011

Photo insanity

I decided that today? You get photos.

Of me.

During my childhood.


They will not be pretty.


OK.  This one is cute.

Can we just talk about the feathered hair and that necklace? Wow.

Oh the attack of the curling iron! And the homemade matchy-matchy outfits!

These are all in the wrong order. 

Grade 12

Grade 11.  Yes the tips of my hair are blue.  Much to my mothers dismay.


Grade 10.  A slight Shania Twain thing going on but my favorite of my school pics

Grade 9.  Oh the glasses.  And the serene look!

Grade 1

Oh the hair! And the earrings! And the teeth!!!!

Grade 3.  Pulled out 6 teeth in one week in order to have money to buy something.  Wow.

I think this is grade 7.

Grade 5.  Oh the awkward years where you think you look good and yet you don't!


2 years old.  One of my faves

Such a flower child! I think I was 16 here.  That was the year my looks started to improve :)

Grad.  I played French Horn for years.  I still smile when I see this picture.

The proper grad photo

The final of the grad pics.  I want that hair again! I will have to figure out how to do that again.  Looks like I had a stroke though! Husband always bugs me that my one side of my face is kinda droopy.

I will return tomorrow with a whole new post.  With some pictures and with proof that yes....I am odd.

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Team Willems said...

*sigh* those are some great photos. I could comment on many of them but I'll just say this, you died the ends of your hair blue in my bathroom the weekend before school started & everyone from camp came to Terrace.
love you ;)