Monday, November 21, 2011

This is my office.

It is hideous.

It is a mess.

It is so unorganized it would make you cry.

I am kinda OCD.

I am having a hard time working in here due to these facts.

I also find the color to be do you put it.  


Husband and I moved everything up here in two days.

Have not moved anything since!

I need to paint.

I need to organize.

I need to make it feel like me so that I can fully function in here.

Are you guys like that?

Do you need your space to feel good in order to work?

I find it hard especially because I work in my home.

There are prettier places to be right now.

So why be here?

Most massive shelving unit.  I love it.

This room is a whole second master bedroom suite in our house.  The white curtains lead to a huge bathroom.  The closet doors lead to a walk in closet.  Storage heaven! I still have a lot of stuff downstairs too.  The garbage bag? That is all photos.  I really need to take it down stairs.

I think I will start painting soon.  I am thinking I will cancel my weekend plans and stay home and paint. I will organize it all and make it "me".  I am thinking a blue/grey on the walls with one dark brown accent wall.  The bathroom in a burnt orange.  The carpet is neutral and all the trim is white so that would work.  I even like the red shelf against those colours.  We will see.  I have a hard time painting a rental property but at the same time? I will not survive much longer in the yellow submarine.  I had no idea I hated yellow so much!

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Jibberblog said...

I'm totally jealous of your office, yellow sub and all. My office is the family desk with my laptop in front of the family PC. Kids running around when not in school is not exactly productive. I want to see pictures if you paint it up please. Happy Thanksgiving!