Sunday, November 20, 2011


I am disappointed.

I know I shouldn't be.

I just had to spend all my savings on our house and now I can't go anywhere with Husband this winter.

That trip was getting me through the days.

I am sad.

I will be ok though, right?

I will start to save again.

I will watch for good deals.

I will pray that money improves and we can figure it out.

I am now aiming for March or April.

I am starting to dream again.

I am still sad though.

I will be ok.

I think I will dream even bigger.

I am going to tell myself that.

I am going to make myself lose another 30 lbs before we go.

Maybe that will motivate me?

I will let you know.

I am not going to continue this sadness.

I will be ok.

Christmas is coming!

Maybe I will go set up my tree.

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