Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 14: A picture of your favorite store

You are going to get a few with this one.  I love shopping when I have something to shop for! And depending on my mood, I go to different stores.  So here are a few favorites!


I especially love their art work.  I also own a couch from there that makes me very happy.  I like the fact that they have a lot of different styles and that their prices while being high are not insane! I can always find something there in my budget.  And they have really good sales!

Another favorite:


This is my happy place! There is no greater smell than that of a book store! Not a used bookstore but a fresh new one.  I love to grab a coffee and read a magazine.  Wander the isles looking for the next best cookbook or novel.  I am an addict! I was actually there today..... I know Jill, I know.  I bribed myself to get blood work done with the purchase of a travel book.  I have to wait till tomorrow to get the blood work done but have booked an appointment to do it and bought the book today.  It is sitting in my car though in the bag and I am not going to open it till I am there tomorrow.  Maybe as a treat, I will buy myself a coffee to drink while looking at it! I will let you know! I spend way tooooooooo much in this store.  And no.  I don't buy any books online.  I like to see them all in front of me and to flip through them before I buy them.  One day? I will work here so that I get a discount.  Husband would shoot me!

I could list a few more, but that would make me look like a shopping fool! I will leave you with these two.

Five Things I am Excited About This Year

1.  Getting in shape and strong.  Hitting my goal weight.

2.  Planning the trip for my niece for her 13th birthday! I get to
give her her package next January.... lots to plan!

3.  Simplifying my life and yet making it richer in the process

4.  Working on a business plan to make my company successful

5.  Paying off debt! I love the feeling of paying things off.  It is kinda
like a high! Who needs drugs :)

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