Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 17 & 18

Oops! I had company last night and didn't feel like blogging.

Day 17: A picture of something that has made a huge impact in your life lately

This book has been an interesting read.  I have always thought different than a lot of people.  Thankfully Husband and I think a lot alike on a few major things! I have always hated the idea of retiring at 65 and only living then.  I was quite young when I told my grandpa that my goal was to be retired at 45.  He laughed at me! I have to admit, that is still my goal! When we found out we would never be parents, we started thinking differently about a few things.  Due to health reasons, we also have a hard time believing that we will make it to 50 never mind older! We always say that if Husband makes it to 40? We are throwing a huge ass party!!! How sad is that.  Truth though in our lives.  This book is making us re-evaluate how we are doing some things.  Why we are doing some things.  And changes we can make in order to have the life that we actually want, not the one that we are living.  One of the huge changes we are thinking of doing is moving.  Again.  Not to a different city, but a different home.

Reasons we are wanting to move:
  • save a ton of money on rent every month.  With this money, put half against debt and half in a travel fund.  If we were responsible? All against debt, but we are only healthy now and young once and want to travel more
  • travel more often more easily
  • get rid of yard work
  • get rid of house work ( I would love less than 4 toilets!)
  • get rid of stuff! To rid ourselves of a lot of material possessions that we have that we don't need.
  • Simplify.  To make life more simple.
What is scaring me:
  • not actually saving the money we are saving.  Just spending it.
  • having to get rid of all the yard tools and things we have.  We have a huge collection never mind a storage shed! I can't imagine trying to sell it all.
  • less room for company.  We have this weird idea that we need room for tons of company! For the two times a year that there are more than 2 extra people here and the once a year that there are more.
  • I like my stuff! I will admit it! 
  • what people will think.  I will be honest here.  I am scared of what people will think.  Was there something wrong? Can they not pay their bills for the big house? They live where? Wow.  How sad is that.
  • what if we downsize and then change our minds! Decide that we were kidding ourselves and that we really do need all those toilets! We cannot afford to keep moving! This would be three times in two years.  It is expensive and hard to do with running a business out of my home and having Husband who works out of town
Reasons I think we need to do this:
  • to save money.  If something happens to Husband again and he can't work, it would be a lot easier for me to pay less rent and less utilities
  • HELLO TRAVELLING!!!!!! I want to travel so bad and this would make that possible.
  • other people don't make sure that they have spare rooms, so why are we so concerned? We will fit people in and really? For the amount we would save? We could pay for their hotel while they are here!
  • less house work.  I hate cleaning.  I love tidying.  I would have to clean WAY less which would make me happier.
  • the fact that I am scared of what people think.  Really Dawn? Really? If people only love you or like you for your house, you have problems.  I am a firm believer in facing fears so this is a big reason to move.
  • stuff is just stuff.  You have read the books.  Give them away.  You have copied the movies to your hard drive.  You don't need the originals.  You don't need all that Christmas stuff.  Really? The white dishes collection? What of that do you actually use! The boxes in the garage? Go through them (for the first time in a year and you have not missed anything) and choose a few things and get rid of the rest.  Scan the pictures and throw out the originals.  Cleanse your stuff like you are your body this year.  It is healthy! YOU DO NOT NEED STUFF!!!!!!
Why this came about?
  • wanting to travel bad.  Have not gone on a trip with just Husband and I in over 4 years. Sad but true.
  • want more freedom.  Not house poor.
  • want to live a semi retired lifestyle before I die
  • looked at a few townhouses today and had a heart attack.  Man I wish Husband was home today!  I went to two different ones.  The one was a 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath.  Had an unfinished basement and a one car garage.  Had room to park on the driveway so could use the garage for storage.  The kitchen/dining/living room? The size of my office now.  Ouch.  A 5 ft x 8 ft concret slab for a yard.  Not to good for having a dog that likes to be outside.  The other one was a 3 bedroom, 2 bath place.  Much bigger.  Had a two car garage but no room to park outside of that.  No storage room at all.  Tiny basement.  About the size of my bedroom now!  Would have to use for storage.  Had a cute little fenced front yard.  Quite a bit more money than the first.  Scared me that for the money we want to pay, we will have to give up so much. 
  • on that note, how far am I supposed to be stretched doing this? Should we do it? Should we just stay in this house? Am I being a whiny baby in not wanting to have to give up so much? What about our dog? We love her so much, but there is no room in either for her. 
We would not move right away and I think we would wait to find the perfect place before we did. Not needing to move makes it easier to look around and be picky.  So there is some insight into my brain right now! This is taking up a lot of my energy and my thoughts.  Again, wishing Husband was home so we could talk about this and go looking together.

Day 18: A picture of the sexiest woman alive

I have to vote for Charlize Theron.  I think she is just amazing looking.  And she had a natural beauty about her.  I was going to put a picture of myself but not feeling too cute today! So no go.

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Steffie Rae said...

Do it! You're not crazy. I always think of something my mom told me when I was young-"You can have whatever you want, but sometimes it means giving up something in order to have it."
Sure you're giving up some space, but you get to travel, so really, you're not giving up anything, you're getting what you want!! You might have less space, but it just means you have to be more creative in how to fit everything in!! Adam and I just had this discussion too. Would totally rent a 2 bedroom townhouse if it saved us money, plus less space to clean and it would mean getting rid of lots of useless stuff we have. Just the idea of moving thought...bleh :) Hmmmmm, how many other postive spins can I put on this? Hey wait, would you still live on the same side of the city? I get lost getting to your place and I only have to make like 4 turns:)We will buy your shed too, so that's one less thing to worry about :) Okay I'll stop, I'm annoying myself too.