Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 21: A picture of something you never leave the house without

My first Vlog!!!!!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.....please???

So, the picture for today is at the end of the video.  I never leave the house without my wallet, keys, cell phone, and some basic makeup for meetings.

List of products from the video that I love:

Mascara: Smashbox Hyperlash blackout
Eyeshadow: Covergirl shimmering sands
                    Revlon Gems and Jewels
Lipgloss/stain: Lancome Tumultuous
Breakout Buster from Rocky Mountain Soap Company
Nailpolish: OPI any color!!!
Concealer: Loreal Tru Match
Foundation: Revlon New Complexion One-step compact makeup
Deoderant: Lady Speed Stick
Face cream: Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying lotion
Hairspray: Tresemme extra hold #4
Mousse: Catwalk curl collection
Heat Cream: Loreal Professional liss control #2 tec ni art
Perfume: Dawn by Sarah Jessica Parker
Shaving lotion: Bath & Body Works triple moisture shower cream


Steffie Rae said...

It was long, but I loved looking at your pretty face and your killer bangs:) Hope you do another one! It also makes me want to try the body works shaving stuff.

Jibberblog said...

That was great. You are adorable, which I knew from pictures, but the video was super great. It was long, but I think I'll watch it again so I can write down some of those things you recommend. Flyaway hairs..those are manageable? heat protection before i blow dry..why does no one mention this? I'll definitely have to watch this again. I'm almost inspired to try making my own video. almost :) Great job.

Dawn said...

Thanks guys! I thought it was pretty long but the other ones I watched were over 20 minutes!!! You should do one Jibberblog! It was kinda fun.... maybe I will do another one. What would you guys like to know?

Chad Taylor said...